For Sale Clear out 1.

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Jan 11, 2011
SWMBO has decreed that we are downsizing from our huge Victorian terrace to a snazzy modern flat. Thats all very well but it is going to mean a savage cull of my outdoor gear.
To kick it off here's a few smaller bits. All prices are TYD.
1.Wilkins style little boiled leather pellet packer or whatever you like to call it. Very little use and in fine fettle. Brass fittings & paracord fob. £12
2.Leather rifle sling. minimalist style with brass buckle and fittings. Fine condition, just needs some polish. £10
3.Pair Titanium 1" sling swivels with brass pins. As new condition. £12
4.Fallkniven DC3 pocket stone with leather slip. Not seen much use as I never really got on with it. £10

Hultafors Outdoor knife for Sale

We have a a number of Hultafors Outdoor Knives with Firesteels for sale.

You can see more details here in this thread OUTDOOR KNIVES The price is £27 posted to the UK. Pay via the paypal button below.