Bushcraft Indonesia

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Oct 6, 2003
Hello and welcome to the forum.

The forum has rules about self promotion and advertising, and we tend not to approve of people joining to promote their Youtube. We would MUCH rather see new members post an introduction, tell our members about themselves and participate in our community. In this case, your post was approved because A) we don't have enough people posting and talking about bushcraft in your part of the world, so I hope you will stick around and join in the community here, and B) they are good videos :) that is something that cannot be said of everything that gets posted!

I was particularly interested in the one about pine forest. I had no idea that there was pine forest within 1000 miles of Indonesia. It looks very like some of the pine forest here in the UK, but not quite. Its is strange seeing the mix of pines and tropical plants.

Best Regards

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