Bushcraft Accreditation & FC Woodland?

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Oct 10, 2003
Land of the Angles
I was thinking......... :-?

The Forestry Com have loads of woodland all over the country, and I understand that they want to focus more on people using it for recreation. Walking and cycling is allowed and on some woodland you can camp on designated areas.

Wouldn't it be good though if we. as a bushcraft community, could set up a partnership of some sort with the FC. A partnership that allowed us to use any of their woodland for bushcrafting, providing we could show them we had sufficent knowledge of the environment to minimise the impact of our presence there....some sort of accreditation done in conjunction with them that allows us access to areas where we currently shouldn't really be, if you followed the letter of the law to the enth degree.

The benefits would be good for both parties. We'd have somewhere to interact with the great outdoors, and they would have experienced and responsible people on site all year round. It could even be linked into the Local Volunteer schemes they run whereby we could help to maintain and manage the woodland with them.

I know that Bushcraft is to many a way of getting from everyday modern life, and it's a way to explore the world around us as well as own capabilites, but what better way to learn than in the local environment, legally, with help at hand and at the same time being able to put something back into the woodlands that we enjoy so much.

Does that make sense? It does in my head :-?


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Jan 2, 2004
Manchester UK
Fabulous idea....But I think we've more chance platting fog :-(

I can imagine the dialogue "You want to go into OUR forests...WITH AXES !!!! :shock: No no no no no


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Sep 3, 2003
all over
Thats a great idea!

It would fantastic if we could make a recognised organisation, and from it have "certified" members. I'm sure it would open up much more of the country to us. We could have insurance too, Like the BASC. It would make landowners much more confident in letting us uuse their land.


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Sep 3, 2003
That's exciting news Tony! Super stuff Jack! :biggthump
But do they know about the billhooks? :eek:): :eek:T:

Tony said:
Jack is talking to the FC about this sort of thing. It is being discussed and we'll let you know when something comes of it.


Oct 10, 2003
Land of the Angles
Wow, that is good news!!

Lets all keep our fingers crossed then.

Well done Tony and Jack. Not only do you do your best to answer any questions we ask, now you've started working on the answers before we even ask the question!!. You must be psychic.

Just in case you are......can I have six random numbers between 1 and 49 for Saturday please?


Dec 22, 2003
Skerries, Co. Dublin
Thats a Great Idea and somthing I have thought about here in Ireland as well.

In the South here we have very little woodland and all privatly owed mostly by the Forestry Department.

They do allow recreational users and are quite helpful and encouraging but still not a match to be struck. Other landowners are less understanding as some off you may have heard there is a strom bruing here regarding access. :-(

If it works out any advice on how you put the proposal forward would be helpful.


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