Box Wood for eating utensils?

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Oct 6, 2003
I was just carving into some box wood thinking that it would make really nice spoons and stuff when it occured to me that I didn't know if it was a safe wood to use. I know it is a lame thing not to know, but there you are :oops: :roll: It has been drying for more than 3 years, but since I was gonna give the spoons as a gift I think I should know for sure that they aren't going to poison anyone!

Am I being needlessly paranoid, or what?




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Oct 1, 2003
Dear Chris.

Box is poisonous but I wouldn't worry to much, we have been using box for spoons since time began. But like most things that are poisonous, we have always used them.

Recipes have been passed down from generation to generation to prevent untimely hair loss and to get rid of Dandruff. If you distill the wood you can rub the oil on your piles ( I am not saying that you have got any Chris, but if you did you could).

Good luck with your spoons , but keep in mind that Box is twice as hard as Oak and is as durable as brass!

Best wishes.

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