Bow drill and lockdown tea

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Dec 25, 2019
Inspired by Van-wild's recent post and suggestions on lubricating spindles, I decided to have a bit of a bow drill day today. I'm a novice, but starting to see progress. Bushcraft is teaching me the art of patience and practice, which I think can sometimes be forgotten as an adult.

It seems to me that success in bow drill comes from having a whole series of variable all correct. When everything is right it is relatively easy. If one thing is out of place it's either back breaking or impossible.

Having recently figured out that a hole that is too deep can lead to failure, today I made another discovery. After a lot of smoke-and-no-ember (I'm talking hours), I guessed that my hearth board was too thick, and the drop down to the collecting mat was high enough that the material was cooling down on its journey - not helped by the breeze. So I started on an adjacent hole so that material would collect in the first hole - which I also partially covered to protect from the wind. This time I had an ember going in about 30 seconds or so. Couldn't beleive it. I'd post a photo of my lixada stove and subsequent brew, if I could work out how...

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