Backpack Repair

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Sep 6, 2021
London, UK
I've been quiet because I did go on Jaunt #2 as promised but it was a bit of disaster as October camping = cold and the gear I took let me down...

I didn't pack enough layers (my fault when packing, panicked at the weight and left a few extra layers behind - was hot during the day but cold at night!) - the Thermarest mattress was a success but I think the sleeping bag by Karrimor which claims '3 seasons' is a bit of a joke...and I had issues with the woodstove, I just couldn't get it hot enough to boil water without using a LOT of fuel, even basically combing the site for twigs - btw pinecones do not burn seemingly, even dry ones? I think in future I'll use my little gas stove, even though I feel unsafe around those.

But the main reason the trip got abandoned after 6 days - my backpack broke rather dramatically - losing the nut on the bolt that attaches to the internal frame, and there were issues already with lopsided balance and then even after finding another nut at B&Q, it started making a rather worryingly cracking sound when I put it on my back, meaning I didn't trust it anymore not to break further.

So anyone do backpack servicing or repair? Or cheaper to get a new one?

It's a Berghaus AB and I'd rather get it fixed - there are already a few issues with it, like torn pockets where the frame should sit that need to be resewed. Otherwise it's a great pack.

My other pack is an old British Army large pack, stopped using that since the waterproof rubber lining eventually went, although I do have that rubber spray tent liner so maybe could fix that up instead - I can spray but I can't sew, so...


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