Axe masks

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Been busy making stuff recently :rolleyes:

I brought all the hatchets owned by the Scout group home to sharpen, as they were in a rather sad state. A bit of workshop time later and they were all properly convexed and polished. One didn't have a mask, and I had discovered a Kent pattern head in a workshop drawer, so I put a handle on the Kent and made a couple of masks.




And here's one I made earlier...


The hatchets are now all being used, teaching the Scouts how to use them safely.:cool:

Thanks for looking :)

Big Si

Full Member
Dec 27, 2005
Nice work mate, we have not used our axe's much over the last few years. It's now mainly bush saws, loppers and prining shears. Most of the wood we have been using has been either pre-cut or small stuff. I'll have to dig out the kit and get it all ready for the spring.

OK, here goes...

To make this style of mask you will need:

Leather (doh!) undyed veg-tan is good, as you can wet-mould it.
Thread (doh! again)
Dye to taste
Some form of finish: I use carnauba wax, but there are lots of things you can use.
2 saddler's needles
(A big thimble or a sailmaker's palm is a really good idea ;) )
Some way of making holes in the leather - an awl or a drill press.

Have a look at this tutorial to get the general idea.

This will be a lot easier with some pictures - I need to do a mask for my Elwell, so I will try to take some WIP photos and do a proper tutorial.

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