Anyone fancy sweden

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Mar 10, 2014
Hi all
My names Chris and im new to the forum.
I recently had an accident and i am partialy paralised. Anyways its given me and my wife a new view on life. Anyways we have decided to move to sweden. We are going at the end of the month for two second viewings.
We are going to hopefully complete a purchase by the end of june. Anyway, we will then own a minimum of 120 acres of old forest and fishing rights and beach to a either a 190 acre lake or a 2400 acre lake.
We are going to build 8 treehouses and let them as holiday lets hopefully for next summer. As well as a small farm fo all our food
We are thinking that maybe we could also run a bushcraft school. Where holiday makers can either stay in the tree house or survive in the great outdoors for a week.
This is where you guys might come in. We are looking afor someone to teach our guests some bushcraft and survival techiniques old and new.
Im not going to go into detail on a public forum but we would be willing to pay an agreed salary for the summer or if you were able to full year round.
If the latter was of intrest we would be willing to give whomever took the job a few acres of land and let them build a home on it.
As i said we are aiming to be out there by the end of this summer at the latest so would like to sort someone out way before thwn. Also it would give whoever came over time to get their affairs in order.
If anyone is intrested get in touch and ill give you all the details and hopefully partner up and get out there with us.
Thanks for looking guys and i hope to hear from you soon.


Aug 11, 2011
Abergavenny Wales
fantastic , my wife and youngest son (26) was out there 18 months ago and Finland they loved every bit of it - they got a taste for meatballs , moose and reindeer
they also had two nights in the Ice hotel :eek: drinking Vodka !


Feb 26, 2014
Sounds a dream that Chris, once it's all set up I would to come and stay as a holiday. Keep us all up to date please on progress. Have you got a web site?
Mar 10, 2014
Thanks for the messages. No we havent done a site yet. We are hoping one of you guys comes on board so we can include you in all the planning etc and offer your expertise to the world.
Ill keep you all updated on progress and fingers crossed maybe have a bushcraft forum week in the woods.

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