A Chalwyn Restored


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Mar 5, 2008
~Hemel Hempstead~
I picked up a Chalwyn Mk2 Tropic Hurricane lantern at a bootfair recently. The Mk 2 dates back to around 1955 so it's older than me but it was showing its age somewhat.

I decided it needed a bit of freshening up so in the bath it went

In went the water with 'bath salts'

Then on went the electricity for some bubble action

It was really grubby

I had a look after an hour and thought, nope it needs more time in the bath getting zapped

After 2 hours I had another look... not too bad but it went back in for another couple hours

After drying I rubbed it down in readiness for the primer. It looked pretty good then but I knew I could do better.

First of two coats of primer

Then it was finished with two coats of silver plus a high temperature paint on the chimney as I wasn't sure how the silver would hold up on it. I think the two tone finish looks good :)

Of course I had to finish with the lantern lit :D
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Nov 17, 2014
Poole, Dorset. UK
I love the feeling of something rescue
Really nice result there.

I did a BAT lamp a while ago. Used a graphite type 'paint' on it. Came up geat though it can come off on your hands a bit when mauling it to refill etc.
When doing the rust etching of parts that have an internal surface, I try to add an electrode up inside the item as well. That can help clean the insides up a little better.