3 months in Norway/Sweden

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Sep 1, 2011
Newcastle Upon Tyne
and so preparation for part two begins... :)

WOW :)

I bet you're two of the few people in England who can't wait for Christmas and new year to be over so you can get back to "work".

& a special thanks for taking the time to write it all up, it's great for those of us who won't make such trips to be taken along virtually, we really appreciate it .:You_Rock_


Bushcrafter through and through
So what kit replacements are on the wish list and whats on the To-Do for round 2?!

fortunatly, not much! We have both re-thought out winter boots, so are getting proper sub zero boots for jan/feb. A new pair of lined, leather work gloves each. I will be taking my wool trousers out with me now. that's it for clothing, everything else we have has performed brilliantly.

As for kit, we have decided to drop the tent as it was taking up too much room and weight in my pack. instead we are taking tarp and hammocks (with mossie nets!) for the spring/summer when we can spend more time off exploring inbetween farms and such. There are also a load of things we took that never got used once, like several pairs of turnshoes, extra pouches, leather journals etc. they will all be getting dropped as they were just surplus

We are lucky we have this break to re-asses out kit, and especially handy that it happens to be christmas time!

1 shot willie

Dec 11, 2012
Hi Dread.

Welcome home, what a fantastic trip.
The pictures are something else.

Especially like the one of you and the dog asleep:)

Thanks for sharing your experience.


Full Member
May 31, 2008
Superb report, it looks like you've had a great time, and had experiences that will stay with you forever.


Dec 29, 2010
Hi Hamish

Great shots looks like you had a great time and checked out a few Loppis. We will have to meet up when were out in the early summer. Loved the Vike pics, nice one mate.


Feb 17, 2011
Wow what an incredible write up and some awesome pictures theres, looks like a fantastic trip! Am incredibly jealous of all that, would love to do something similar someday. Thanks for posting :)


Jul 15, 2013
Wow, thanks for sharing Hamish.
Some people can only experience such things through the eyes of folk like you and that sort of amazing write-up that allows them to feel a small part of your journey.
Nice one mate goodjob

Elen Sentier

Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Love the boat! And the wild cat – does that mean a relation of the Scottish wildcat? Fantastic views. It’s so good to see real food, hunted and prepared by the folk who are going to eat it – most people have no idea what food is or where it comes from. Toni and the group sound like good people and thanks for the FB link, I’ll certainly be going to have a look. The bacon looks fab too. And your time in the forest – you both look soooooooooooo at home there *smile*

The kit list is very interesting – again be good to hear what happens with the revised list.

Have a good festive season. Looking fwd to the next instalment


Feb 21, 2013
Great write up - thanks for sharing! Looks like you both had an awesome time!
I spent 5 years travelling and Norway was my favourite place! I hope to go back next year! :D

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