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  1. Sub5mango

    Water Purification

    I'm wondering about getting a water purifier in a black Friday deal. I don't know anything about water purification other than 30 years ago I used a hand pump when bike touring in Chile. Any suggestions for current effective methods or kit? I'll be doing it in the UK. Perhaps something like...
  2. J

    Norton Water Stones Set

    Bought from an esteemed member on British Blades a while ago. Only used them very carefully a couple of times to sharpen my kitchen knife. They are in excellent condition, no signs of wear or abuse, but the plastic boxes they come with are rubbish and a bit cracked. These are top quality water...
  3. F

    Freeze dried or canned?

    Hi, When I camp wild I have been using canned stews, breakfasts, etc and heating them in my pot. I use these as I don't want to fork out the cost of ration pack type meals. I have grown sick of the mess in my pot, the weight of the cans and having to carry them back with me. I'm now looking...
  4. TheBrook

    How to use a Millbank Bag

    Hi Everyone at BUK :) When I mention Millbank bags, people seem to glaze over and have no idea what I am talking about. Have you ever wanted to know what exactly a Millbank Bag is and how exactly it can make wild water safer for you to drink? This video will show you how to use a the...
  5. M

    Rainwater safe to drink?

    Hi Folks, One thing I’ve noticed from watching brushcraft videos on Youtube, is that many Youtubers head out to local woodland that is surrounded by agricultural land to make their videos. When I see someone scoop water out of a stream and I can see farmland through the trees behind them, I...
  6. T

    Chemicals in water

    I wonder if anyone has any thoughts about the dangers of chemicals in collected water. So there are a variety of methods to filter or neutralise bacteria in water but these don't filter out chemical contaminants. Most of my wild camping is near farmland. There is most definitely large amounts of...
  7. H

    Fire Starting Competition - Who can boil water the fastest?

    We are involved with the Alberta Trappers here in Canada, and this is a short video showing a Fire Starting Competition at the Alberta Trappers Rendezvous. Senior Trappers as well as young Trappers compete to get a fire made and water boiling the fastest...
  8. Billy1

    Combining water purification treatments

    Hi guys, Im am looking for a water purifier that will treat everything, including chemicals and polutants from pesticides and factorys etc. as well as viruses. At first I was going to go for the First Need XL - treats everthing as far as I can tell. Downsides are cost, weight and cartridge...
  9. C

    Travel tap

    Any thoughts on the travel tap....?? I intend to get one soon and wondered if anyone has used one - what did you think of it and is it as good as it looks?? Cheers Chris Derbyshire Uk.
  10. F

    How do I clean a milbank bag

    I have an old millbank bag and I am wondering how to safely clean it and not to make my filtered water taste of washing powder! Any ideas? Thanks for your time.
  11. kard133

    US Pilots Flask and other bits and pieces.

    After missing out on the chance to buy one of these nifty little flasks last year, I was on the lookout for a cheap one, as the one available on ebay usually had a very high shipping price or you had to buy multiples. So browsing through the forums one day I came across the mention of Wardens...
  12. trekkingnut

    collecting rain water

    saw this recently and wanted to see what other people think, its not particularly expensive and i think it would go really well with people that use tarps. I actually spoke to the person that designed it recently and he said that he's just made a basha with this built in! sounds like a...