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  1. bobnewboy

    A battery-powered workshop lamp recommendation.

    Hi All, We moved down to the rural south west two and bit years ago now. It sounds daft, but I had no idea just how dark the garden and sheds etc would be at night. One night, shortly after we moved in, I arrived home on the KTM, and on switching the bike off I realised I couldn’t see...
  2. McKenzie

    Gun Torch

    A torch that packs a punch! Made using teak wood, recycled bits and bobs, copper and brass fittings. It has a working LED light and measures about 18 inches long. Victorian industrial heritage and Black Country heritage are the main influences in the making of these P1080945 by...
  3. T

    Maxpedition Remora Gearslinger Bag

    Maxpedition Remora Gearslinger Bag in green ideal for 'bits and bobs'. BNWOT- I bought it as a camera bag but it was to small. Ideal EDC thought. I just have to many bags. £75 ono incl postage
  4. Z

    Led Torches

    I've been on the hunt for best possible torch for the kind of stuff we do, and have tried a few options. As yet, I haven't found the perfect torch that satisfies these criteria: 1. I prefer AA and 14500 batteries. My other kit (e.g. GPS) uses AA so we usually travel with a pack of them...
  5. theoctagon

    MYOG Lantern

    On a recent trip I decided I'd like a lantern to use in the tent/hammock/shelter etc, just something to read by and to provide a little bit of softish light for around camp or in the tent on an evening. After a quick browse online I came across a thread on BPL and a lantern a guy called John...
  6. troutman

    Pouch for Gerber TX3 Torch??? Help.

    Hi Guys, Been a while since I posted on here but I think its the best place to ask. I have a Gerber TX3 torch but need a new pouch/ holster. Ive looked all the usual places but can't find one that will fit my torch- it measures 20cm long and around 3cm wide at the top. I would make one...
  7. R

    Maglite 6D killed by battery leak, New Torch time!

    (quick summery if you dont want to read it all) torch died, recommend a new one for around £37 (full question) so my Maglite 6d, heavy and not that bright, died when a battery leaked inside and got stuck. I used it quite a lot, was like a workout using the thing every time though. Duracell...
  8. Vulpes

    Fenix E21

    For sale: I've had this for about a month and it's seen very light use. No marks and is in mint condition, as new. The switch went recently, but has been replaced. Takes x2 AA batteries. Max. 135 lumens. I'd like SOLDfor it which includes postage. Pics to follow... Specs...
  9. Vulpes

    Surefire G2X Pro - Dual Output

    Surefire G2X Pro - Dual Output + 2 batteries that I'd say are at about half-life. Condition is almost mint. I haven't used it much, just on a couple of mil/ex trips. Takes 123A batteries. 200 lumens on high, 15 on low. For sale as part of my downgrading of kit. Apologies for bad picture quality...
  10. T

    Hello from Herts

    Hi All, I've recently moved back to Hertfordshire from Devon. (Wrong direction, I know.) Missing having access to Dartmoor, getting out and about from suburbia seems to be a bit trickier. Hoping to get involved in any Herts/Bucks meets. Also big on torches. Olight SR90 is my bright of...
  11. slowworm

    LED torch battery performance

    I have just bought a Fenix LD25 2xAA torch and like many similar powerful LED torches it has various brightness settings. The LD25 has 180 lumens & 45 lumens with a quick twist of the top, plus other 'hidden' settings. My question is, when the batteries run down a bit it seems to...
  12. D

    Flashlights for camping, photography and general use

    Hey I've been looking into getting a very good quality flashlight for some time. I'll be carrying it around with me a lot whenever I take my photo gear with me and/or whenever I go camping, which includes flying, so it has to be light and small. Also, I want it to be strong enough to stun the...
  13. B

    LED Lenser P7 & P3 Pack - Clearout at Blacks

    Hi all, Just back from a trip to town and thought you might like to know that Blacks (in Southampton at least) are clearing out LED Lenser Twin Packs of a P7 and P3 at £30. This is down from a stated price of £59.99. The pack includes P7 torch, P3 torch, 2 sets of batteries, Lanyard and Nylon...