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  1. M

    For Sale 1 Micron Monocrystalline Diamond Spray.

    1 Micron monocrystalline diamond suspension stropping compound. This is a high concentration compound, it cuts fast and polishes fast! It's likely faster than stuff you've used before, so be gentle to start with. 30ml bottles = £20 + £1.29 shipping to the UK 5ml bottles = £4.50 + £1.29...
  2. CommonZense

    Sharpening and stropping - a DIY field kit.

    A while ago I've made a sharpening and stropping kit. Designed to be light weight, all-in-one and durable. The set is not meant for re profiling edges, just for daily edge maintenance during camp trips or in the kitchen. So I've glued a piece of leather on a 2 x 4 x 20cm rectangular aluminum...
  3. Samon

    How to make a two sided leather strop - WIP!

    For your viewing pleasure..? how to make a two sided leather strop! Anyway, I had to make this as a gift and even though the weather was crappy, it needed doing. Materials I used were some mdf wood board, a cut of old leather belt, a cut of old leather jacket, a screw hook, 8 tiny nails...
  4. Siberianfury

    A question of stropping??

    Does it realy make that much of a difference in making the edge sharper and last longer? does it sharpen the knife and push the microserations closer together, or does it just remove the wire edge? i use fine ceramics to sharpen my knives, ive never had any problem with wire edges, would...