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  1. Bee Outdoors

    The will to learn

    I often share or promote people that are skilled and knowledgable, people with a passion to teach others but also people with a desire to learn. I class myself as an outdoorsman and a multi skilled crafter, not wanting to put a title to what I do so let’s just say I live to learn and push myself...
  2. Bee Outdoors

    Teaching and learning

    May it be with good intention or not, sometimes we find ourselves telling people how to to do things. Telling someone how to do something is sometimes just as bad as telling them not to do it. No one likes to be told, rather shown how something is done and let them decide for themselves if...
  3. Bee Outdoors

    New here

    hi nice to be here, my name is Alex and I run Bee Outdoors, I have 8 FB groups and a YouTube channel, I’m a keen outdoorsman and interested in most knowledge based skills. My motto is you never to old to learn and if it was made by man I can make it too. Hope to meet a few people on here that...
  4. Le Loup

    Fire-Bow Fire Lighting.

    The materials I use in this video are from the Australian Grass Tree, this is a soft wood. In the UK I suggest you use willow for the drill bit & the fireboard. My method is a little different from other methods in that I employ extra plant tinder material, so please pay attention. Keith...
  5. G

    What is he making?

    Hello, in another Bushcraft forum someone posted the following link about traditional finnish wood working: Does someone of you know, what kind of thing he is making from 27:14 to 30:40? At first i thought it would be...
  6. K

    Difference Between Bushcraft Knife Skills and Whittling

    There is a tradition of knife skills within bushcraft that overlaps much with, but also differs in some ways from traditional whittling. I wonder what others opinions are about this. Also, does anyone know about the history and origins of this specifically bushcraft-style knife use? Thank you
  7. D

    Frontier Bushcraft course and what I thought of it!

    Hey guys, I recently went down south on a bushcraft course with and really enjoyed it. Personally I've been into bushcraft for years now but going back to the basics was really enjoyable. The course was taught by Paul Kirtley, former course director at...
  8. P

    I should do some creative bushcraft!!

    Any ideas? What I mean is I wildcamp and use various outdoors skills in doing that, well campcraft basically but nothing creative or more "bushcrafty". I know there has been pointless discussions on what is bushcraft so don't want to touch that here but in my mind I am only camping at the...
  9. Landy_Dom

    Survival skills badge - realism vs safety

    I've run 2 survival skills camps now, and have been struck by what a constant compromise they entail. Some of the badge content is excellent - building natural shelter, cooking without utensils etc., but on the other hand, the nearest I have ever come to a real life survival situation has been...
  10. Tony

    bcuk Foundation Skills Week - 30th May – 3rd June 2011

    . . Bushcraft UK Foundation Skills week - 30th May – 3rd June 2011 The Bushcraft UK, Foundation Skills course is a low cost high quality opportunity for members of the Bushcraft UK community to experience top of the range instruction in fantastic rural Dorset at an affordable price...
  11. Rob

    Expedition Skills Couse

    If addition to our Travel/Expeditions skills training for 2010, we will be joining forces with WorldWild to provide an Expedition Skills course which will run from 26 - 28 Feb 2010 - this time in the South West. If you are looking for something to help you prepare or to give you confidence...
  12. S

    Vote on the most important bushcraft skill

    I need your help. I am trying to build a log book system for students for next year and am trying to list skills in 3 levels 1, 2 and 3. So students can work though it building their skills over time. What skills would people suggest I include in the log book and what would the 3 levels look...