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  1. Native Nathan

    ranks on our posts

    Underneath our name on any posts we make it gives us a title such as Native / Tenderfoot etc.. Does anyone know what they all are? and what they mean
  2. P

    Native, Forager - What do they mean

    I was just wondering how the tags under your forum name are allocated and what they mean? Anyone know this?
  3. Elines

    Member classification

    I've just noticed that I am a 'forager' - I think I used to be a tenderfoot or novice - is the progression listed somewhere and does the change happen automatically? I guess its a bit like coloured belts in Judo - do we know who is 5th Dan at bushcraft (or whatever?)
  4. Asa Samuel

    How do I get a title under my name?

    I see a lot of people with things like 'nomad' under their name. Is this just for full members or is there a way I can create my own? Thanks, Asa.
  5. M

    what's does tenderfoot stand for?

    I have just noticed that underneath my name i now have tenderfoot? what does that mean? I have seen others with Nomad, Native and Forager underneath their names. what do they all stand for? or am i just being stupid
  6. Kerne

    New descriptor?

    Hi; I used to be an "active member" but when I logged on today I had become a "tenderfoot". have I done something stupid in User CP?:confused:
  7. N

    Forager, Settler, Native, etc

    Just a quick question. I have noticed a lot of people have the title of: Forager Nomad Native Settler Tenderfoot...etc Do they mean anything in particular? NC
  8. BushTucker

    What does this mean??

    Hi Been on a while now and always wondered what this meant but never asked.. Its displayed below names: forager tenderfoot nomad native settler ??? don
  9. Nichola

    what does it all mean???

    Hi everyone. I've been a member of BCUK for about 3 months now. I've noticed that under certain peoples names and picture is a title for example: native and settler. What does this mean? Is it a full member thing? Also, i've got my little pic up on my profile and i can see it when i log in...
  10. B


    just noticed where my name is its says "tenderfoot" is this the whole rep thing i hear every1 mentioning, how does it work as i have had alot of priceless info and items off hear and not known how to leave "rep" if you can at all, anyone point me in the rite direction?
  11. jasons

    name calling

    why have I got tenderfoot under my name :)
  12. Tony

    Ranks and Avatars

    As most of you will have noticed there have been a few additions to the forum. There is now a Ranking system and the ability to put up Avatars (the pictures under your name) For the Ranks the following applies Member 1 (minimum post) Tenderfoot 50 Forager 100 Nomad 250 Settler...