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  1. KatBetter

    Hello from (currently sunny) Bristol

    Hello, Just landed here and wanted to say hi! I thought of coming down to the Bushmoot this summer (not booked yet). I never been before. I am hoping to meet some fab people, learn some new skills and enjoy some woodland times. I am in Bristol and I have too many hobbies but the main theme to my...
  2. M

    Hi from Cornwall

    Hi, I'm Mike. I'm based in West Cornwall and keen to meet other people interested in bushcraft. I joined the forum to connect with others, get some tips and work my way up to spending a few nights under a tarp with nothing but the basics. Cheers
  3. J

    New into bushcraft.

    Hey all, newbie, I've always had an interest in bushcraft. Watched Ray Mears all the time when I was younger but never actually done anything and I'm looking to get started. I live in Glasgow would appreciate if anyone knows places nearby I can practice some skills while I build up my kit. I...
  4. A

    Begginers Stuck

    Hi, A Few days ago I got a recommended video pop up on my youtube. It was a man doing an overnight camp with his dog in Canada, I clicked on it and before I knew it had watched the entire video lasting just over 1 hour. I was hooked and have watched many hours since. So my Question is ... How...
  5. Likeablefish

    Hey everyone!

    Hi everyone, just wanted to make my first post an intro as it's only polite. Been a member on a mostly American multi tool forum for a while now and fancied finding a UK forum with similar interests and topics to my own and this fits the bill perfectly! I spend a lot of my time outdoors during...
  6. Billy Westbury

    Hi from Glasgow

    Hi guy, I would like to introduce my self my name Billy and next week I turn 50, so I thought it was about time I stopped dreaming about bushcrafting and actually do something about it, so here I am making a start! I have bought some basic gear and hope to get out for an overnighter soon (the...
  7. C

    To Bergen or not to Bergen

    Hi all, this is my first post so bare with me. im just starting out in bushcraft and havent really got any experiance (hopefully soon to be fixed) as i have a trip coming up im looking into buying my first acctual pack and have read good things in the forums about the british army 120L...
  8. unijaw

    Newbie Tarp setup! Advice needed!

    Hey folks so I purchased a DD 3x3 tarp and a travel hammock and it arrived today. I set up the tarp in my back garden with my limited knowledge of setting up tarps. Please take a look and tell me how I did if you could recommend your favourite tarp setups for wind/rain/general. If you could also...
  9. BBH-Skip

    Newbie Axe Choices

    Hi Guys - new to the forum and first post. I'm a Scout Leader (and in the RAF) and have been skirting around the Bushcraft world for years. Well, I've now taken the plunge, really enjoying it, and have been starting to purchase equipment. I have; a Mora knife, DD Hammock and Tarp, Honey...
  10. T

    Hello from Herts

    Hi All, I've recently moved back to Hertfordshire from Devon. (Wrong direction, I know.) Missing having access to Dartmoor, getting out and about from suburbia seems to be a bit trickier. Hoping to get involved in any Herts/Bucks meets. Also big on torches. Olight SR90 is my bright of...