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  1. Rambo Rees

    HEADS UP - Film, Fantastic Fungi film

    Heads up....All those that have Netflix (or can find it elsewhere for that matter) I would highly recommend watching the film: Fantastic Fungi This 2019 American film gives a sublime description of mycelium and what researchers know/theorise about it's effects and symbiosis with plantlife (and...
  2. G

    Good areas for Mushrooms along River Ayr

    I am new to fungi. going on a course/forage on Saturday and a friend and I will also be looking to have a forage about on Sunday. She has hears that there are some good areas around Ayr and along the River Ayr, but I can't seem to find any information, and can't get the search function on this...
  3. Keith_Beef

    Help me identify this fungus?

    I found large clumps of this growing on grass in many parts of the town, today. This particular example is around 12cm high with a 4.5cm diameter cap. Others in the clump were up to around 15cm, and 8cm cap. I've been looking around this, but haven't found a good match yet. Can any of you...
  4. Zingmo

    Would you believe it!

    My neighbour asked me if I knew how to get rid of toadstools. "Eh?" says I. He continued to describe how he had had a load of bark chippings put down in part of his garden and that now toadstools were coming up all over the place. He had been spraying them with weedkillers of various sorts. So...
  5. DutchDave

    Chantarelle vs False Chantarelle

    Can anyone tell how to tell them apart. Up in Sweden I saw a lot of orange stuff. I first thought wow that looks tasty but then began to doubt so "I left it out". Being on my own I didn't want to risk leaving this world just yet or cutting my trip short. Thanks for your trouble in explaining...
  6. R

    This mushroom has me stumped..

    This mushroom appeared overnight and I have gone through several books and have no idea. It is growing in a derelict 500 year old hedge with Hawthorn, Elder, Ash and other herbaceous species. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The cap is slimy, scent is non descript, the slime seems...