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  1. Stanisław Cuske

    Travel to South America - TENT

    Hi. Hi. Hi, At the beginning of 2020, I'm going with my gilfriend on a 'one-year' journey through South America. We start at the bottom and finish at the top ^^. We are looking for the perfect tent to spend most of our nights in. So far, our travels have been limited to one region and one type...
  2. MertzMan

    Primus Omnifuel stove. Inc 2* fuel bottles + accessories. Price DROP

    For sale here is my Primus Omnifuel stove with a new 1ltr fuel bottle and a well used 0.6L fuel bottle. It also comes with adaptor to run both camping and normal stove gas canisters. Fits neatly in the MSR Seagull cook pot, which is 1.6L in size if I remember correctly. Comes with an...
  3. hemdale

    MSR Cyclone stakes

    I just saw these MASSIVE stakes today at Snow+Rock. Reminds me a bit of something you could use to kill a vampire...:AR15firin or the best xmas gift for a friendly zombie hunter :present: ... Cyclone stakes are on the left on the image below): I wonder if people would believe me if I said...
  4. hemdale

    Tent for 2 people : North Face Tadpole 2 vs MSR Hubba Hubba HP

    Hi guys, Just wondered if any of you have tried one of these ? I've read some mixed reviews, eventhough the MSR seems to really standout. As money is concerned, I can have a rather good deal on the North Face which will be £ 50 cheaper than the MSR. As always, I don't see myself buying a new...
  5. lamper

    Dual Wall Titanium Cups

    All, I have been trying to source a dual walled cup to store my Evernew DX stove in. The Life Venture and MSR titan cup (450ml) single wall cups are about 1mm to small in diameter to have the DX sit inside. This would have been an option with a cup cosy. Snowpeak also make a 300/450/600ml...