handmade knife

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  1. woodmunky

    Where to find custom Knife / Leather sheath?

    I'm looking to get a custom handmade knife for my dad's 70th next year. I'd like a damascus patterned blade and a handmade sheath with some unique artwork on it. No need for a firesteel. Can anyone recommend a craftsperson who has an online portfolio of their work that I could take a look at...
  2. Peto

    For Sale Custom knife in D2 steel

    Handmade knife in D2 steel and ovangol handle. Blade thickness: 0.157" length: 4.64", width: 1.18", overall length: 9.25. The knife has a handmade custom made case from 4mm thick leather, with decorative element. Hardened on 59HRC. Professional work with lifetime guarantee. Price: 240GBP shipped...
  3. Totumpole

    Knife No 2 - my first full tang.

    Hello everyone. Over the last few days I have bee at the knife making thing again. THe first knife I handled was a stick tang, but wanted to have a go at a full tang. I purchased this Mora blade, pretty much because it was the only full tang blank I could find (other than a few damascus ones)...
  4. savagebushcraft

    Walnut Burr Handled Bushcraft Knife, With Leather Sheath

    Sold - Funds Received Here I have a walnut burr handled bushcraft knife and leather sheath, both handmade by myself. Knife 5/32 O1 blade 100mm blade (215mm overall) 20º Scandi grind 10 year seasoned walnut burr scales 0.5mm brass liner Stainless and brass mosaic pins and lanyard tube...
  5. Totumpole

    Wright & Son Handmade Bushcraft Knife - opinions/review

    Hello to all, I felt the need to talk (or rather rant) about my Wright & Son bushcraft knife. Its a 4mm 01 Tool steel handmade in England blade with Ebony scales and "custom" sheath included. I bought it new for £140 about a year ago when I first started getting into bushcraft and had some...