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  1. BaileyCluskey

    Processing Flint.

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know a good technique on processing flint? I have recently gathered two large flint nodules (each the size of my hands), and I want to make smaller pieces out of them. This is mainly because I don't want to carry two large nodules in my haversack. I want numerous...
  2. G

    Using flint and steel to ignite a cramp ball fungi

    Evening folks like most of us i am a self confessed firebug and one of my favourite things to do when i am stuck in the city is play about with various forms of lighting fire, or to be politically correct i practice my fire lighting skills, anyhoo i know i am not alone in this madness of flame...
  3. Nyayo

    Otzi challenge

    Ok Folks - my latest project (without having finished any of the others...obviously!) is to collect/make/build an Otzi-style prehistoric loadout and spend at least a night out, Abo-style. So...any ideas where I can get/swap some iron pyrites and some flint? The Peaks are not so good for this! I...
  4. theoctagon

    Unused Bear Grylls Fire Starter

    New/unused Bear Grylls Fire Starter same one as in the video below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmOjdh41unA £11 inc postage, Paypal only please. Comes with the priorities of survival sheet. Any questions give me a shout Matt
  5. Samon

    Antler handles! a few recent creations - WIP Pic heavy!!

    After buying a large box of antler bits from one of our own forumites I got to work making use of some of it! Handles! good bits of antler make very attractive handles for all sorts of bits and bobs and I've done a few now so would like to show them to you all :) First off a not so new...
  6. Dobloz

    arrow made from stone / flint tools - first attempt

    hi chaps, i've just started attempting to use river stone and flint to make some stone tools. my idea is to eventually make a bow and arrows using only these tools and 'natural' items. i know that this is not genuine stone age type making - i'm just progressing *backward* from a compound bow...
  7. Dobloz

    Places for flint nodules near Manchester, North West of England?

    hello ! :newbie: just a quick ask to see if anyone has info on any sources of flint local to Manchester? or maybe you have some just lying about, not used or wanted... :lmao: i've read through the posts that mention some sources for flint and where to find it, but have not found...
  8. Whittler Kev

    WK Strikers

    I got asked to do some small strikers the other day so they could fit in PSK's :cool: I made the commissioned ones and then a few more (including "real" sizes) while the forge was hot:27: Just 3 left from the bag full (including several more big ones) made Top one is about...
  9. Whittler Kev

    6 New WK Strikers

    Just been in the forge and made 6 more strikers 1. Inside 8mm x 20mm x 70mm SOLD 2. Inside 10mm x 20mm x 60mm SOLD 3. Inside 5mm x 20mm x 90mm £9 4. Inside 10mm x 25mm x 70mm SOLD 5. Inside 10mm x 20mm x 70mm SOLD 6. Inside 8mm x 20mm x 100mm (BIG - I cleaned it up with my gloves on - 4...
  10. Zingmo

    Simple Steel Striker

    Inspired by this thread I decided to modify the broken off end of a file. After a an hour or so on the Aldi grinder I ended up with this: My first efforts using the piece of file showed me that the striking edge really needs to be curved. (I figure the radius should be about 1...
  11. jungle_re

    stones, knapping or history? a day with Karl Lee

    Well all 3. The South Wales Bushcrafters this weekend held a flint knapping workshop as part of a 3 day meet. The training was provided by karl Lee a professional flint knapper and a highly knowledgeable archaeologist http://www.primitive-technology.co.uk/aboutkarl.htm The weather was...