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  1. M

    Family event

    Hi all. I'm from Bedfordshire and would like my children to get an introduction to Bushcraft. I have seen an event coming up in August and wondered if anyone here has any experience of the place before I go? https://www.greensandtrust.org/Event/overnight-bushcraft Thanks, Max
  2. Tony

    Autumn Moot 8-14th October 2018

    I'll get more details up soon, tickets are available HERE
  3. I

    [21-23 august 2015] Bushcraft Belgium's 2nd big skillsharing weekend

    Hi all, People have been organising medium and small bushcraft skillsharing weekends in Belgium for the past 3 years, so last year we got together as 'Bushcraft Belgium' to give all local bushcrafters a chance to meet each other.. in autumn 233 participants mainly from Belgium an the...