[21-23 august 2015] Bushcraft Belgium's 2nd big skillsharing weekend

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Hi all,

People have been organising medium and small bushcraft skillsharing weekends in Belgium for the past 3 years, so last year we got together as 'Bushcraft Belgium' to give all local bushcrafters a chance to meet each other.. in autumn 233 participants mainly from Belgium an the Netherlands had a real good time with plenty of workshops and campfires at the first big skillsharing weekend.

Next month 21-23 august we'd like to repeat this success with 280 bushcrafters at the same scouting campsite, De Kluis, a former monastery in one of Flanders' biggest woods, Meerdaalwoud. It's just 1km walk from Sint-Joris-Weert trainstation, east of Brussels. Most people know english, so asking a participant to translate workshops from dutch shouldn't be a big problem.
We also welcome workshops in english, if anyone feels like sharing you can contact pieter_vanhende@msn.com mentioning what workshop you're volunteering to offer, once confimed this gets you free entrance to the weekend.

Participants need to subscribe through http://www.c-v-n.be/nl/cursus-detail/bushcraft-skill-sharing-weekend_588.aspx
(Click the button "Ik schrijf me in!" on the bottom and use google translate.)
The participation fee is 30 euros. For 13-18 year olds it's 15€ and just 1€ for kids.

More info at www.bushcraftbelgium.be

See you there!
The Bushcraft Belgium crew

PS: Belgian bushcrafters can chat at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Bushcraft.Belgium/