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    Bushcraft natural resources shelter

    Hi guys! This time I want to share with you some pictures of my bushcraft shelter, that I made using only natural material (fallen down trees, ferns) and rope. I started by going in the forest to look for dead trees (because I don't like to cut down alive one just to build a shelter) in my area...

    underground water.. SAFE TO DRINK?

    Hi guys, Near the permanent camp that I'm building, I found a really wet spot on the ground, I tried to dig and I found plenty of water that also has a consistent flow! The water is really cold and cristal clear... Do u guys think that it would be safe to drink? or it's still better to boil or...
  3. D

    Planning Weekend getaway

    My friend and I have both done some basic survival training through true ways survival courses, was great fun and were looking to get away from the world in 2020 and camp up by the sea side with a fire and subsistence fish for 2 or three days. Were city boys and outside the training, camping...
  4. T

    Sold OzTrail 20L Canvas Shower with Brass Rose

    OzTrail 20L Canvas Camp Shower with Brass Rose, used probably twice! £70 ONO POSTED BT please. Many thanks
  5. T

    Woodland Campsite In Gloucestershire

    Hi All Can anyone point me in the direction of a woodland campsite, ideally one that allows open fires in Gloucestershire. There used to be a guy on here that ran a site like I have described, I shared a few messages with him but never got round to visiting his site. Have been camping in the...
  6. B

    Scouts wild camp

    Hello everybody so i am a Scout (soon to be explorer) and next weekend i will be doing my first wild camp... but with no tents just tarps and shelter. i already know how to make a double lean to with fire reflector and raised beds and walls but i don't know what to take on this camp. We will...
  7. TheBrook

    Bushcraft Permanent Camp

    Hi Everyone, In a new piece of land that we have permission to make a permanent camp on for use with Bushcraft activities, myself and Outdoor Life Of Brian begin the task of clearing the area and making it more 'liveable' Would love any name...
  8. A

    Wynnchester. Waxed Cotton Haversack. Review.

    Hi... I'll start by stating that I was not paid for this review. I've purchased a few items from Wynnchester Camp and Adventure, and every time the product and service have been second to none. Infact on one occasion, Kevin the owner told me. "Anything i send you, it doesn't matter, if it's too...
  9. Z

    Looking for Glasgow-based Wild Campers

    Hi all, I currently go on the odd wild camping overnighter with a mate but unfortunately we always end up going only once or twice a year due to work restraints; just not often enough I reckon. I've been to Glenashdale and Loch Garbad on the Isle of Arran twice and a few local stays to...
  10. R

    My First Solo Overnighter - Kit

    Hi guys, I'm a teenager who's loves hiking/backpacking etc but I'm fairly new to bushcraft, and I'm going on my first ever solo overnighter in a couple of weeks time. I thought it would be good practice for me to do a video run through of the kit I've prepared so far so you guys can give some...
  11. R

    SLEEPING BAG OMG WHICH ONE?!?! AM I STUPID?!? (I can also write in lower case).

    Right some frustration. I have. I go camping in the woods with mates. It's great. I have one massive problem tho and this is it - I don't know what sleeping bag to get. Now, I have a Carinthia Defence 4 which is arguably an amazing bag. I brought it because it was water repellent, light...
  12. Whittler Kev

    Campsites that allow fires list - big list, could be bigger though

    Just been sent this website address. they allow camp fires :campfire: Just an odd one - sorted by Area, County and Overseas Couldn't put the list on as exceeded 40000 characters :yikes:
  13. FreddyFish

    Dartmoor At Ivans

    This is continuing from the interest in this thread Ivan (aka mick sturbs) Has very kindly offered us a freebie taster camp, on his land on Dartmoor. THE SITE: 12 acres woods ,clearings , marsh SSSI, and fields ,this is an...
  14. J

    somerset bushcrafters winter camp? anyone?

    the snow around the country is making my itchy to get out for a night or two.... anyone fancy the same or already have plans that i might be able to gatecrash into? :)
  15. stinger

    Failed first camp

    So i thought i would tell you guys about my first camping experience today, some of you may know i am completely new to all this. I had been agonising over the weather the past week should i go, should i not, will it rain will it not. I woke up this morning and the sun was splitting the skies i...
  16. Loenja

    whoopie sling

    has anyone used this to make a whoopie sling or this or can anyone confirm i is the same or very similar to amsteel blue. apart from costing a fortune...