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  1. kard133

    Reasonably priced wool fabric

    Just ordered some of this, thought I would share it with those whom may be interested, it is described as a Melton 100% Wool fabric, 600gsm with a width of 170cm, made in Yorkshire. Caveat Emptor: I have no affiliation with the seller, and have not yet received...
  2. T

    heads up sorel thermoplus innerboots only one pound £!

    Heads up to folk in the north west uk the Columbia store at the Cheshire oaks outlet village/centre are having a closing down sale. looks genuine as stock is quite depleted but they are selling off kit with big discounts as this store is in an outlet village so already does discounted end of...
  3. kard133

    Army Wool Wristlets £3 delivered

    Came across these on Ebay, seller accepted my offer of £3. Usual caveats apply, no connection with the seller, no previous purchases so no guarantees.
  4. leedsbrew

    Carboot and eBay bargains

    Started to expand the kit a bit before going away to Scotland with the brothers in late August. Managed to get over to a local car boot last weekend! Man the crap some people will try and hawk! Anyway in amongst the crap I managed to pick up a couple of fly boxes for £2! Not a bad hours work I...
  5. ExHelot

    Condor Bushlore Knife

    Purchased through Amazon for $30.35 (USD) with free shipping. The pattern seems to be ubiquitous in ‘bush-craft’ knives made by other companies. I purchased this knife to replace a Helle ‘Symphoni’ which was a pretty darn good woods knife, but just not thick enough for my taste. My wife had been...
  6. Totumpole

    Bargain Combination Sharpening Stone

    Just thought I'd give a heads up about this internet shopping discovery £16 for 400/1000 grit - its going to make the ideal addition to my arsenal! Regards Colin
  7. kard133

    Love it or hate it....Grylls Ultimate Fine Edge £42.72 inc shipping

    Found this on outdoorGB if any one is interested: I haven't purchased from them before, so caveat emptor, but I haven't found a really negative review either.
  8. kard133

    Heinnies, Hultafors knives under a fiver

    Just found out that Heinnies have reduced most of their Hultafors knives to under five pounds Here, these are similar to Mora's. Original source of this information is parbajtor on Britishblades, thanks.
  9. N

    Carboot bargain? or Wasted Money? (Pic Heavy)

    Well I went down to our local carboot in norfolk today and picked up a Coleman Model 639 Lantern 1970s (I think) for £18. Now it was a mess and I have tidied it up as best I can, but I need a new Mantle before I can test it out. Here are some photos I have quickly taken with my phone, so sorry...
  10. kard133

    Workshop Heaven, discounted Mora's and free shipping

    I just came across this on Britishblades (thanks to Big Steve), Workshop heaven are selling Mora's at ridiculous prices, I just brought a Mora Bushcraft Forest Knife for £15 with free shipping, they also have the Triflex, force and 2000 for £15 each. Site is look under...