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  1. Black-Dog

    Restringing a gathered end hammock (help)

    Hello good outdoorsmen and women of bushcraft uk, I hope you're all doing well, and having a nice day I have the ever so common DD frontline hammock I foolishly removed the factory fitted rope from my hammock in attempt to replace with paracord, and im wondering if anyone has any tips on...
  2. D

    Advice on south east Scotland

    Hi all, myself and a couple of friends are planning on a spot of wild camping in march somewhere in south west Scotland. I was hoping someone would have some recomendations for us, either a nice secluded beach or forest, somewhere we can just get away from the dreaded rat race for a couple of...
  3. G

    Advice needed: Estate car purchase, economical but big enough to sleep in!

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone can offer me some advice? I have been given some cash and hopefully will be starting a new job soon with better pay. I live on the outskirts of London and want to buy a car to use for trips out of the city and for holidays. I have about £1000 - £1500 to...
  4. P

    Accident - car pulls to one side

    Our car got side swiped by a truck turning a corner and apart from visual damage like dents/scatches along the bodywork and on the alloy wheel the car seems to have had it's steering affected. I haven't driven it only my partner and it needs constant steer to one side to keep it straight. Now I...
  5. E

    A great tarp for shelter making?? Need good advice

    I am searching for a great tarp for making shelters. I do not do hammocking. I want something that i can make alot of different shelter setups. I would use a rigdeline so attach points along the middle would be nice, generally just many attach points for different type of shelters. I would...
  6. leedsbrew

    2 night wild camping/walking trip Scotland (Galloway Forest possibly)

    Hi I'm new to the forum and loving trawling through the posts. Loads of great info/advice. Myself and my two brothers (liams105e + one not on the forum) are planning a weekend wild camping/walking trip north of the border in August. We are all pretty experienced campers, walkers and...
  7. unijaw

    Newbie Tarp setup! Advice needed!

    Hey folks so I purchased a DD 3x3 tarp and a travel hammock and it arrived today. I set up the tarp in my back garden with my limited knowledge of setting up tarps. Please take a look and tell me how I did if you could recommend your favourite tarp setups for wind/rain/general. If you could also...
  8. Retired Member southey

    Stainforths and Severourick hatchet

  9. Smith28

    Boot Advice

    Hello chaps. As you have probably guessed by the thread title i've come for a bit of advice on my boots.. ;) They are bloody fantastic pieces of kit (the most important piece you can have in the woods I think), anyway, I wouldn't say they are getting battered - they're still in very good...
  10. Smith28

    Tent advice

    Hello chaps, I am in search of some help and advice. I'm trying to find a tent to use to go backpacking in Europe. Specifically it will be around Southern France/Northern Spain. It's not a winter expedition so I'm not too worried about getting a winter proof fortress. I'm looking for a tent...
  11. OwenoWent

    Waterproofing Leather Hat

    My old Argentinian leather goucho hat isn't repelling water like it used to. It holds it off for a bit before it eventually soaks into the leather leaving a mark - until it thoroughly dries out. I've bought some Nikwax Waterproofing Wax Cream after looking through this forum. Can't find any...
  12. BikerBear

    Hello everyone, looking forward to learning and sharing!

    My name is Harry, I live in Gloucestershire and I have always been passionate about the great outdoors. Over the years I have been given pieces of kit by my father for roughing it outside. Although I have realised - there is no need to 'rough it'! I can see how people can have a really...
  13. bhofmann

    Maps for walking - what type and where to buy?

    Hi all I'd like to buy a map that'll help me know where I am and where to go when walking. The little I know tells me I need an OS map. I'm looking for maps that have landmarks and altitude contours (is that the correct term?) to indicate hills and valleys. Where is the best place to get...