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    Any Bushcrafters in the Bath / West Wilts area?

    Yeah, I'm West of Swindon. Really don't come on here as much as I should
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    Grrrrrr wasted time :(

    bad times, keep at it though, look repairable
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    My new hang setup!

    no, thanks, never ever, makes me all wobbly just looking at the picture
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    40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

    ha ha ha number 36 thats funny
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    my first bash at forging a knife update 4 finished

    wow, im really impressed with that
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    What did you buy today?

    dd jura2 as my dutch army bag has finally died(well it died in the spring but who needs a zip in the summer? :)) and a hultafors heavy duty knife for 6.95, cant argue with that price
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    A night out with little kit

    wow, you really pushed it. not sure im ready for that just yet, got 24 hours of practise time coming this weekend though, ill set up camp the 'easy' way then practise a few skills ive been meaning to do for ages
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    savernake forest area?

    savernake forest area anyone? i got some new kit i wanna try out so will be doing friday and probably saturday night in the woods if anyone fancies it?
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    hi guys, wiltshire based

    hi all, im tom, been into bushcraft and wildcamping for a few years now, never get much of a chance to get out of my neck of the woods but its nice round here(savernake forest area). thought id join a forum, steal and share a few ideas maybe. many people from around here?