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    Welcome from Cotswolds

    welome, sure you will have plenty to bring to/take from the forum. new blood is vital
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    Polish lavvu needed

    try online from military mart also trade as hoods. they ship out mostly surplus gear and usually have the poncho halves which 2 of form the lavvu, and accessories also wood burning stoves etc- no connection just a satisfied customer.. if you are nearby they have an outlet in ormskirk but it is...
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    Armchair Bushcraft

    i have to admit i am guilty of not interacting so much of late, not really browsing so much.partly due to another time consuming project and partly as i used to log on in my break at work and the it stasi had blocked access to the old i just jumped on to see how old acquaintances were...
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    useful kit you can take on aircraft in hand luggage?

    There are areas i would perhaps go on holiday to where part of the journey might be in a light aircraft. Accordingly i will buy a banana with my litre bottle of water when i am airside. This will surely enable me to ingratiate myself with the gorillas. A survival tin was not what i had in mind...
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    useful kit you can take on aircraft in hand luggage?

    Hi, all not posted for a while so thought id pose a mind experiment and ask you all your views on useful and acceptable items of the bushcraft / emergency survival type you would consider taking if flying off on holiday (hand luggage only) It occurred to me that one of the possible survival...
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    looking for a first aid field guide

    agree,like lots of bushcraft stuff- what knowledge/skills you have weigh nowt and you always have them with you. doesn't do any harm to have a bit of back up for stuff you don't remember/didn't cover though. also the books I mentioned talk about planning and prep to avoid some situations.
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    looking for a first aid field guide

    a bit more than just first aid but full of good stuff- try the expedition and wilderness medicine guides by either oxford or cicerone easily found on tinterweb,- amazon etc.
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    Maglite conversion kits?

    I went with niteyze conversion -made a mess of it torch doesn't work reliably now- more trouble than its worth imho
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    heads up sorel thermoplus innerboots only one pound £!

    Heads up to folk in the north west uk the Columbia store at the Cheshire oaks outlet village/centre are having a closing down sale. looks genuine as stock is quite depleted but they are selling off kit with big discounts as this store is in an outlet village so already does discounted end of...
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    Living Will.

    yep im with you on this one
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    Tents, two Man, budget of £100. Recommend me one!

    more info needed what trip/s are you planning? 2 man tent for two men or just extra room? wild camping? at altitude?, long , short trip? backpacking/ car camping?
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    Wood Lore not "woodlore"

    I wonder if the poor burning nature of poplar as cited in these posts has any relevance to its use for making matches? i was always led to beleive poplars were grown especially to provide the wood to companys like bryant and may etc. anyone know about this? i have seen some threads on home made...
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    Biolite, are they worth it?

    Yae to fan assisted stove. Charging:- the stove has its own built in power pack you can charge at home. this will charge a dont need the stove burning but any time you do it tops up the internal battery or you can plug into the usb port to grab a bit of charge.
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    Which snow shovel

    yes, I agree with you wayland its a useful bit of kit and I will quite often take it with me on those days when a proper shovel appears a bit over the top for the conditions but for just in case.As I say better to have the claw with me than nothing. That said I like the black diamond shovel...
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    Which snow shovel

    Not a traditional snow shovel as such but arguably more versatile i use a snowclaw, ,packs easily and can be used in a number of ways eg sitmat windbreak, splint, or if frivolous -sledge Also good to keep in car to remove snowfall off bonnet roof etc...