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    Anyone got Ridgeline gear?

    Had a Ridge line Monsoon smock, but sent it back after the first stalking trip, the material just does not breath, highly overrated IMHO I don't know if they have upped their game recently, but they need to.
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    Lansky world legal

    You will never be able to OHO these if the back springs on the one I had are anything to go by, mission impossible.
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    New Bushcraft UK T-shirts

    Think outside the box is great, and i couldn't decide between the 2 Wander designs, good stuff......... XXXL for me please!
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    Mears and Spyderco

    I am surprised at 2 things here, the handle design, and the fact that they have gone with S30V steel on a scandi grind knife after what happened with the Nilakka. I would like to be proved wrong on the handle front, it may well be more comfortable, and practical than it looks.
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    Another bushcraft jacket thread

    Agreed, other colour choices including dark olive or even some kind of subtle DPM for stalking purposes would be a bonus.
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    Dog Theft?

    Reading this thread literally sickens me to the core. As an owner of 2 ex track dogs I cannot begin to imagine what the guy must be going through, it is just terrible. And as for the perpetrators.........................
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    J.p. Peltonen sissipuukko m07

    It is difficult to establish from this poor screenshot, but the edge looks fairly rounded, so it is possibly a sabre grind with a convexed secondary, there is no way that this is a Scandi grind IMHO
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    J.p. Peltonen sissipuukko m07

    I would be very surprised if this is the case.
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    J.p. Peltonen sissipuukko m07

    You are right, the grind is sabre.
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    Hunting the red squirrel...

    Reds aplenty in D&G, they fed every morning off my kitchen window sill when I lived up there, 3ft from my vision, what a joy to behold that was.
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    J.p. Peltonen sissipuukko m07

    Why? They are hassle (and import tax) free from Brisa or Lamnia.
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    J.p. Peltonen sissipuukko m07

    Now that indeed is an interesting development.
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    J.p. Peltonen sissipuukko m07

    I stand corrected, it would appear from your photos that they have changed the grind on the large blade as well as the steel :)
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    J.p. Peltonen sissipuukko m07

    Both of the Peltonen Sissipuukos are FFG.
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    J.p. Peltonen sissipuukko m07

    If this were on it's way to me, and the factory edge was acceptable, I would just use it until it needed sharpening and then reprofile the edge to convex. Do you know what the steel is? If you are lucky enough for it to be the newer version, the steel will be 80CrV2, which will lend itself...