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  • No problem mate. These things happen. I'm sure there will be chance for another meet soon :).
    If you send me your address again (yes I lost it lol) then I'll pop the knife in the post, unless you want to keep it as an excuse to come out and play in the future? hahaha

    Will also see if I can get down to pick Ivan up.
    Those look so fantastic that is brilliant work Adam almost seems as though I have got the better deal lol
    Update. plaque is drying as we speak, so will post your goodies off tomorrow.

    Also started on the olive micarta scales.



    And found some interesting beech that might come in handy for scales too.

    I remember that year lol. It seems as though Al has yet to try the evil black stuff so will save the last bit I have for the next meet but only for Al lol
    Can you imagine me on speed? That would be worse then that evil black stuff you made me drink lol. These things don't take long. I've done three of them now and it gets easier each time. Got the shilling too, 1929 though, not 35 haha
    you are indeed a man of many talents, that looks totally awsome, how do you find the time to do so much...speed. lol
    thanks mate that is gonna take pride of place
    Well at the moment all knifed out but in case I get the urge again soon will let you know
    Have a good one
    Ok buddy. It'll only be a smallish plaque, made of ash (the wood, not the fag end stuff :)) but I'm sure I can make it look pretty lol. Like I said, let me know if you want any scales and liners knocking up too. Catch ya later mate.
    God it's gonna feel like Xmas lol I have a tinder box but the wolf thing sounds good as I am a sucker for anything wolfy
    It's perfect mate. I'm gunna make something else for you, whether you like it or not lol. Which would you prefer out of a plaque or a birch bark tinder box? Also knocking up some Micarta scales and liners in various colours, anything you would like making up? Just let me know sizes and thicknesses and I'll sort them out.
    Honestly Adam don't go worrying about anything that hip flask looks the bollox many thanks and glad you like the blade it is a little different more straight than a woodie clone I found that handling them the front of the scales should be at an angle but depends on your taste if your not too keen can do a woodie clone type blade if you prefer
    LOL. I remember that too. Poor ol' bugger.
    Well the blade arrived today, very nice work, and very shiny. Interesting profile too. Almost completed stage one of your little pezzie.
    Birch bark covered hip flask (needs tidying a little still), hope you like it...

    And next to a plain one...


    Next up was thinking of a plaque with wolf carving, or maybe a presentation box for one of your sharps, plus the silver coin (1935) of course.
    If you have any problems with the pins let me know as I say have a few spare lying around, I have heard about the silver shilling, i saw Ray Mears have a blade made for him by a norwegien and the look on the guys face when ray gave him a small silver coin was pricless as to say, is that all took me bloomin ages to make that you tight git lol
    I should be able to get a few bits from the local hobby shop, they do everything. Started work on your little gift, plus the silver shilling (A silver coin for a knife, lest the blade cut a friendship), as per the old Sheffield tradition.
    Hi Rich,

    Good to meet you over the weekend mate, did you stay till Monday?
    Hopefully catch you on a few more meets!

    All the best,

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