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    Ussen thermals?

    Saying "soldier's are wearing our kit" doesn't necessarily mean they supplied the MOD on a contractual basis, we had a few bits of clothing and gear given to us to take away, giving feed back to the manufacturer who was normally a friend of someone or other.
  2. Retired Member southey

    Praise for myHermes.

    Myhermes both here and at our last house have been terrible, two instances of lost parcels at the last house and one damaged(the sender resulted in using an alternative courier to send the replacement), constantly having to complain direct to the delivery girl for leaving parcels on the...
  3. Retired Member southey

    Pocket Tarp

    I can attest to the water repellency of this material. I lived under my 3x3 tarp made by Bilmo for a few weeks in total last year. During that time we had rain most days(and i mean stair rod rain :) ) I and my kit was always dry under the tarp. It drys out very quickly and takes the punishment...
  4. Retired Member southey

    Bushcrafty films on Netflix

    Brilliant! Though I can't do that on the xbox. :)
  5. Retired Member southey

    Bushcrafty films on Netflix

    If you change the device that you watch netflix on's dns to you'll be able to watch a lot of more. :) it enables you to get the US version. A mile,mile and a half is a great doc about walking the John Muir trail.
  6. Retired Member southey

    Large Burl on Birch Tree

    Hahaha your welcome! We've moved away, on the path that follows the blackwater just down from North camp station. :)
  7. Retired Member southey

    Axes and airplanes

    Yes, but only certain models of certain makes, though the magnetic side of things could be true of a hand bag closure which would be much stronger. :)
  8. Retired Member southey

    Axes and airplanes

    This is the banned in the hold list for heatrow. Most if not all airports will have an online list available. Remember it is not illigal to have an axe or knife in public as long as you have good reason...
  9. Retired Member southey

    BcUK Photograph of 2015 Competition February Heat

    Reminds me of a scene in Austin Powers. :D
  10. Retired Member southey

    Large Burl on Birch Tree

    Scratch that, my northcamp one is a little higher up. :)
  11. Retired Member southey

    Large Burl on Birch Tree

    are you near north camp? :)
  12. Retired Member southey

    I've been robbed :(

    Did they give you a crime number? If not complain to your MP, the local highest police officer, areas crime commissioner, also complain to the opposition MP to the current incumbent, they will be looking for things to jump on at the mo. I would guess your insurance would require a crime number...
  13. Retired Member southey

    Pimping tarp and hammock suspension

    I use a couple of dutch flyz on the ridge line purely because I've used zingit for the ridge as it's strong and stupidly light, even with the flyz it's ligjter than any line I've used, but if i hadn't used a string that is tosh to tie knots with i would still tie knots. :)