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    Wild camping in the UK

    Me n the Wife went out to a remote part of the lakes belonging partly to a farmer we know we forged deep into the woods and set up camp just a tarp and groundsheet, sleeping bags, dug a fire pit and protected the base with rocks, built a fire reflector and kept a small fire going to cook on. a...
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    Land access - seeking and finding permission

    Hey Tim thanks for the sympathy... it seems our great little island has now been sold to the highest bidder. I served in the forces for 24 years and toward the end of my time (2010) the so called "training Areas" I had trained on for many years (Salisbury plain, Otterburn, Springfields and...
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    Webley Longbow .22

    Whats peoples opinions about the webley longbow as a hunting rifle ive been offered an old one I believe its a brummy one, for 60 notes it needs some tlc and a tune up but overall? anyone tell me about them Phil
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    SMK air rifles

    Mate of mine uses a BAM 40 to great effect and gets some proper decent kills at 40+ meters bang on the button, spot on guns IMO. Philmatuk
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    SMK air rifles

    Hello all Although I’m new to the forum I just wanted to comment on the beliefs that the SMK 19 is a very poor weapon. I can totally understand many people’s opinions and can concur that there is a few pronounced cases of poor manufacturing and certain things that would otherwise...
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    Hello from Wigan UK

    Hi all Phil Martin from just north of Wigan in UK, ex squaddie trying to learn what I didn't in the army (lots) currently moving out of oil and gas security to return home to UK to work as a sparky and then onto oil and gas electrician. Love my dogs motorbikes, mountain bikes, hunting fishing...