Webley Longbow .22

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Oct 18, 2015
Whats peoples opinions about the webley longbow as a hunting rifle ive been offered an old one I believe its a brummy one, for 60 notes it needs some tlc and a tune up but overall?

anyone tell me about them



Aug 20, 2014
Won't even get into the argument over calibre sub 12ft/lb. so take it in to a reg firearms dealer. Get the spring checked and fire a few rounds through the chronograph. Make sure it's a) not lost a lot of power or b) not a .177 spring and over powered.

If stocks in good nick it's an okay price yep. And blueing is okay.

I like webley.


Full Member
Jul 10, 2004
Hello Philmatuck, it's worth £60 all day long as long as it's not too bad a condition, and as long as it's a real one that is. The Turkish made versions are utter heaps, my mate had two. I bitterly regret letting mine go, the Longbow is in my opinion the best sub 12ftlbs break barrel yet made. Accurate as ya like, well made, handsome, lightweight, great trigger, hardly any recoil for a lightweight full power springer. I shot my best group ever with my Longbow, nine pellets inside a five penny piece at 55 yards, that ain't bad at all. I say go for it.

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