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    So can we go camping ? Scotland.

    I do apologise..... I thought it was some computer program thing that was censoring words(and FYI the local scrotes use language a lot worse than what I tried to write) that didn't realise twas a mod as it did it nigh on instantly......
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    So can we go camping ? Scotland.

    I did write 'bottom' but the censorship gits changed it to bottom, delicate little souls or should that be 'soles....
  3. MT606

    So can we go camping ? Scotland.

    wild camping is a no go in the safe zone, hasn't been for donkeys.....but if they don't spy you they don't know do they ;-) just don't be an bottom....
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    Fire pit ideas

    I've got a winter fire pit area and a summer one (in a tree lined corner of the garde) the winter one is a circular (ish) sheltered area 5x5m made from pallet wood,( with an under cover seating area and 2 other sheltered spots for sleeping), wood storage, in a fence fashion, with salvaged bricks...
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    I did actually write A R S E end of nowhere but apparently snowflake program is in force....
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    Hello poor soul! formerly of some inbred village nearby, Crookvegas and the bottom end of nowhere near somewhere even worse
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    Traquair Medieval Fayre - This Weekend 25+26 May '19

    I didn't go this year but have gone to the previous 3 I think, have a friend that trades there and it's not very far from was it this year?
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    Day Out The view from the bivi

    nice view....Breckland?
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    Scottish reenactors market this weekend

    it was a bit on the cramped side which didn't help as it was quite busy tbh.......met some dreadlocked bloke that had some good wares and finally got some rawhide which I've been looking for for a few years now....HU SSAH!
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    Rain, rain and more rain....

    aye lanarkshire should change it's flag to a overcast hoofing it down scene!
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    carry a firearm with ya, may help in making you not end up on international news....
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    Hello from Lanarkshire

    afternoon from another lanarkshire dweller.
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    Greeting from Dumbartonshire

    how do from lanarkshire.....
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    Car magazine winter tyre test, all season tyre looked the best option - any views?

    winter tyres are mucho worth it, (even if its to chuckle at local bottom's who can't manage a gentle slope with a few cm of snow down)..... even if theres no snow on the ground, they provide more grip at temps under 12'c. also depends on peoples driving skills etc. I swap over to winter tyres...
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    Hello from NorthDurham

    how do....formerly from the arseend of no where.....ireshopburn......