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    Any Alternatives in the UK - all the knives look the same Lots to choose from....... Welcome to Sheffield Knives J. Adams Ltd (Sheffield Knives) is a family business which has been making good quality knives for six generations; we are the parent company for three other old established...
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    Seeking info on the original woodlore specs.
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    SWC model lineup? Anyone have photos?

    Not all in one place, but you might be able to compile a gallery,
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    Survival Tins - Updates › news › uk-englan... Web results SAS Operation Squatter: First mission a failure - BBC News This happened in Libya and explains why they teamed up with the Long Range Desert Group, › wiki › Long_... Web results Long Range Desert Group - Wikipedia (Sorry if...
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    Best knife steel for prying and toughness/hardness?

    Thanks for the heads up but I have followed the company since it's beginning, every year they make the same promises to deliver. People have waited for years with poor communication once they have paid. So not for me. If you fancy a good read look at the 27 pages on Bladeforum...
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    Best knife steel for prying and toughness/hardness?

    Unless you are buying on the second hand market do your research, there has been LONG waits for these.....
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    Best knife steel for prying and toughness/hardness? One of these maybe.........
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    Pathfinder pot, zebra billy, or alternative? Tatonka 2.5it ( this has a bail for hanging no side handle)
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    New Shiny has arrived..

    Great looking knife, enjoy using it....
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    Planning Wild Camping in Norway (Alesund)

    Some information here
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    Brisa Nessmuk edge problem, help/advice please

    Agree with this. (Janne do you mind if I use this quote elsewhere ? it says a lot.)
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    Northern Ireland

    In Belfast
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    Name of the lake in the Ray Mears Sweden Episode

    Possibly Lake Vattern as Julius Pettersson blacksmith and knifemaker had his forge in Karlsborg on that lake. From the same series. From an article about Lars Fält....... Mostly he has been busy teaching people to survive at home in Arctic Sweden as well as around his home in Karlsborg where...
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    I haz Garberg!

    I wouldn't mind getting into that drawer............T.
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    Cotswolds Outdoor email about lightweight kit.

    I agree, its good that they can be represented and then we can make up OUR own minds.