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  • Moved this over here incase anyone wants to shed more light on my strange trails :)

    {QUOTE=greeneggcat;675157} I couldnt see the pics either, was just guessin, mainly coz i dont like them slimey eels! Maybee have to meet up some time, i got some of those night vision things! Its a totally different world i tell ya! bYou can see things you would never guess were there, think it is something to do with the ir light.

    My cat is black and white, but through the ir viewer he has, faint tabby stripes and dark rings on his tail???


    Maybe you can only see my pics through night goggles! :)
    We used to have night vision thingies on the lifeboat - they were good (image intensifing rather than IR tho) - when you can see the sea gulls walking about, don't drive the boat over there ;) Where abouts in Glos are you?
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