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    excellent film

    Hi chaps Found this last night some of you may allready be familliar with it but i thought i should post it, its rather moveing. I am sure the professionals amoungst you will point out 1001 things he does wrong even i can do that but its a dam brave thing to undertake with no background in it ...
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    South Wales again?!

    well that puts a totally new perspective on things !! cowboy hats optional ?
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    camping /shooting permission ?

    Hi Recently back to BCUK after a break. This year i got my shotgun certificate and was just wondering if anyone had shooting permission where they camp or camping permission where they shoot, and wanted some company. Im in south wales but can travel if nesessary, dont drive but the wife can drop...
  4. Ex Member lyndon

    South Wales again?! found that link seems to have all the details of the place thats about 20 miles from my house could be up fot it with enough details and notice havent been out for a year now. How much walking is involved lol?
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    WANTED: anvil

    looking for a small ish anvil somthing i can lift alone ( 150KG max ?) somthing that weighs less than a xs 1100 engine lol... preferably in the south wales area cheap ish can swap a hand made knife have 5-6 done atm or can make one to order. pls pm me also if you post here, got a bad habbit...
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    How SHARP??

    On topic .... im makeing my own knives atm and shaveing sharp is a must for all of them lets face it with a new knife its the first thing you try that or papper shredding i woudnt want less than that on an out of the box knife (its got to the point where i have to use a leg now made a lot of...
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    WANTED: Weihrauch HW80/80k air rifle

    main reason 20flb on a break barrel air rifle is bad fot it is it has a tendancy to split the woodwork through the pistol grip area i did this on a theoben once that was only pushing out 18 flb remember a spring in a .22 that pushes out legal limit is still around 69 flb to compress thats how in...
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    WANTED: Weihrauch HW80/80k air rifle

    not offering a gun sorry but im a gunsmith and worked on these a lot for the shops i have worked in in another life lol any advice or work upgreading replacment parts etc feel free to drop me a pm get a .22 its much more efficient at higher energy lvls than a .177 my best is just under...
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    Mora blade question

    yep dito on whats allready been said you can find tutorials on scales or tang blade,s over at british blades if you like PM me a pic of the blade or a link to the site you got it from and ill pm you back the correct link ceder splits to easy (ray mears birch bark canoe episode used gunnels from...
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    Which axe head

    as for hardness type in brass rod test over on british blades or just use this link...:-) also if you can sharpen it with a hand file easily its prob lost its temper...been there done that :))
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    Spear for fishing

    have a look at the ...slingbow ... on youtube i think it is a better option for wild fishing and you can still make the arrows looks really fun im in the process of locating the materials needed myself.
  12. Ex Member lyndon

    southwales swansea

    just sold my open canoes used to have a sit on top fishing kayak ill drop you guys a line if i get another trying to move house to port talbot atm its the first buy if i do :D
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    How To Prepare A Strop?

    agreed autosol turnes a nice strop in to a disaster area , lucky for me i used an old belt araldited to some oak so no great loss , i apply more every time i use the strop but after a few goes it does sort of linger there and it is possible to get away with the ocassional stop without adding...
  14. Ex Member lyndon

    axe problems, badly tempered

    unless you have a forge that can take an inch thick of steel to 800 degrees i woudnt bother trying your better off useing a mechanical form of stock removal IE. a grinder or belt sander just remember if you colour the metal you have removed the temper from it ...the file sliding off it like...
  15. Ex Member lyndon

    Spalted Beech - LOTS!

    are they stabalised as the ends are not waxed or painted ? also do you have the facilitys to cut them in to scales cos i dont :-) cheers lyn:)