WANTED: anvil

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Jan 11, 2006
looking for a small ish anvil somthing i can lift alone ( 150KG max ?) somthing that weighs less than a xs 1100 engine lol... preferably in the south wales area cheap ish can swap a hand made knife have 5-6 done atm or can make one to order.
pls pm me also if you post here, got a bad habbit of forgetting ive posted cheers lyn.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
...got a bad habbit of forgetting ive posted

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In the pane that appears to the right you will see "Messaging & Notification" and a little way below that "Default Thread Subscription Mode".

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Hey presto! No more need for a memory. :)



PS: My anvil is too big and you can't have it anyway. :) I have some lumps of thick scrap plate that you could have for nothing but it would be cheaper to get some locally than for me to send them to you. How about getting an off-cut of a bit of universal beam? You could weld some bits of heavy plate into it and on top of it to stiffen it up. Anvils seem to go for silly prices nowadays but you do come across a little beaut for next to nothing now and then, which is how I got mine. A bit of railway track might be good but welding it might be a challenge.


Apr 4, 2010
Have you tried the local scrappie? You may find some decent pieces of plate, and like Ged suggested, you may even find some beam or even railway track.
I'm afraid the days of 'cheap' anvils are over unless you're extremely lucky.

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