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    Can anyone tell me what sort of deer this is?

    One way I use for older / tougher hares is to let it sit in a large bucket of salt water brine for 24 hrs. It not only tenderises but also acts as a natural disenfectant and preservative.
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    First aid kit

    When you need to plug a bullet hole and it's all you have, it make the difference between life and death.
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    Fear of the dark

    I have worked nights for over 20 years, personally I feel more comfortable in the dark than in daylight LOL.
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    First aid kit

    I know I am replying to a old post here, but I am a one of several designated first aiders at work and I always have a feminine pad, tampon etc in my first aid kit as they are designed specifically to contain large amounts of blood and ideal for emergency situations.
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    Karrimor predator 30, now £40

    Also available directly from the website for the same price.
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    Anyone from the teesside area?

    Just outside Durham city my self so only a quick ride down the A19 away
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    Giant Puffballs

    I found a huge one last year while out with the shotgun hunting for pheasants so I left it where it was only to come back a few hours later to find some one else had gotten to it first. Gutted just did not come close to explaining how peed off I was at not picking it up rite away.
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    Free to a good home Greenwing macaw feathers.

    Hi John I just ordered a few A3 poster tubes off EBAY, I will send all the smaller feathers down in a envelope in the morning, as soon as I have a nice collection of tail feathers I will pop them into a poster tube and send those along Too. Larry.
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    Free to a good home Greenwing macaw feathers.

    PM received, I'll get the smaller ones sent down first thing in the morning and see about keeping the larger ones till I have enough to make a decent package. I may be able to get some goose and pheasant feathers when the season opens too.
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    Free to a good home Greenwing macaw feathers.

    Would need to get a hold of one first, but if need be I can keep hold of the larger ones until there are enough to post down, as a poster tube would be a bit over kill for three feathers.
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    Free to a good home Greenwing macaw feathers.

    No problem. Pm me your address and I will pop them into a envelope and get them sent down first thing in the morning, if I can find a way to post the large tail feathers without damaging them i'll send those too.
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    Free to a good home Greenwing macaw feathers.

    Did not really know where to post this, so if I have posted it in the wrong section I apologize. Any hoo back to the point of the thread, I have a few Green wing Macaw feathers sitting here and though I would offer them up to any one that wanted them, as I see this site has a large arts and...
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    Bit of luck/cheek

    As they used to say in these parts. shy barins get nowt. so good luck and I hope you get a nice healthy crop come harvest.
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    Neck knives.

    personally I always have my "necker" concealed under a thin jacket so it is not out in the open and therefore not going to be a problem getting it snagged on branches etc. It's still easy to get to but not overtly visible in case I come across another person when out and about so that I dont end...
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    Neck knives.

    Well there is no way mine is going to come out of it's sheath without a good tug on the knife, I would be more worried about my morra coming out of the plastic sheath on my belt than out of it's kydex sheath around my neck.