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    Hi all

    Welcome to the gang.
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    And they were going to burn the lot.

    Been on my holidays and came across a few guys starting to make a bonfire to clear some dead wood that had no use and they had a pile of " weird stuff " they wasn't to sure what to do with apart from put it on the fire. I said I would take it if they didn't mind? Tennis ball to show size.
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    BBC FOUR @2100: Britain's Pompeii: A village lost in time

    I enjoyed the programme.
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    Hi from a field archer in Finstall, Worcestershire

    Hi, I hope you enjoy your stay here from another archer. Thanks for your time, Steve.
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    Seen some quivers i like......

    I have the Arrow master quiver in two different sizes, safari tuff is the brand. Both great quivers. If I use them on a nfas shoot I turn the arrows upside down so I can see the colours of the bands. But as I only need the one arrow it's not a problem...........
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    Bell Tents!!!!

    Yeah that's what sold us and the fact that they are 45 minutes away if we needed anything to be sorted by them. We've been in the bell tent with the woodstove in snow and freezing temperatures and been cosy and happy. Best of luck with your choice of tent and let us know which you go for. Cheers.
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    Bell Tents!!!!

    When we went and had a look if I remember rightly the 4 meter tent was alright for the two of us but not for the family as we was thinking of buying the wood stove also. We went for the ZIG tent because my thinking was it would be easier to keep out the wind and rain also if will had to pack up...
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    Bell Tents!!!!

    Hi, Riddlesworth Park is the place they promote, which is near Diss.
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    Bell Tents!!!!

    I believe they have a campsite they own or are in partnership with that isn't far from their showroom, you could ask them? Or say the only day you can view is a Saturday and if they are not open is there a place that does show their brand of bell tents? It is worth a visit if you can get to the...
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    Bell Tents!!!!

    If you live in Suffolk you can go see soulpad at their place, they have all the different sizes of bell tents up? We were looking at a 4 meter bell at the start until we went and saw them and saw the 5 meter was perfect for us.
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    New bushcrafter.

    Outstanding, hello little lady. Best wishes to you and the wife dwardo.
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    The best way to care for a Carbon Steel knife

    Thanks for the help.
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    Deer Hides

    12 year gap. Awesome.
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    The best way to care for a Carbon Steel knife

    Hi, do you mean just brown fish and chips vinegar?
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    Something for the plinkers

    Love it, I would want the navy pistol if they made one.