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    For Sale Fjallraven Montt 3-in-1 Hydratic Jacket XXXL

    I need a job, and quick; This is exactly what I am looking for, but have no spare funds at the moment. AGGGHHHH!!! GLWTS
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    Tarred twine / bankline

    It's used a lot in the maritime industry, and have heard you can pick it up in merchants in/near working ports; although not sure if that's any help to you.
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    Other Arms bergan

    Have you got any pictures?
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    My latest design.

    Nice work, thanks for sharing.
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    Stormy Kromer wool vest 6 month review

    Sounds like you both like and recommend it! Good stuff.
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    Identification help please - Apples?

    I agree with everything said thus far. It's hard to ID specific varieties, but it's likely to be a Crab Apple of some kind or other.
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    Sold Walther CP99 - Bumper range kit

    Looks nice. GLWS
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    Hi there

    Hello, and welcome back :)
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    Found a cool man-made cave (Hurker Woods, Darley area)

    Here you go:
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    Found a cool man-made cave (Hurker Woods, Darley area)

    He actually lives(d?) there. I'll see if I can find the episode....
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    New Shiny has arrived..

    Looking good!
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    Found a cool man-made cave (Hurker Woods, Darley area)

    Very interesting. Reminds me of an episode of Grand Designs where a chap hand cut a cave in solid rock.
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    Hello from Scotland!

    Hello and welcome!!
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    Looking good!
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    Dandelion honey

    My better half started to make this this year, and it is delicious, although the recipe wasn't sourced from the same source as above though.