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    Wanted Original Spyderco Para 3 Scales

    Hi all, looking for a pair of original para 3 scales - ideally dark but not red / green what have you got? Andy
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    Group Buy First Aid Kit

    I’m in
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    Wanted Spyderco Para3 scales

    Thanks very much, I’ve actually got some custom ones- just want some originals for this project
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    Wanted Spyderco Para3 scales

    Hi all, I’m looking for some genuine spyderco Para3 g10 scales to replace my smooth ones Ideally dark colour so black from an S30V version, dark gray from maxamet or even blurple ones anybody have any?
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    Fallkniven f1 cos

    Sorry for hijak, any opinions on the f1 pro over the original?
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    Sold Spyderco Titanium UKPK

    Now Sold, Thankyou BCUK
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    Sold Spyderco Titanium UKPK

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    Sold Spyderco Titanium UKPK

    Price drop for the weekend £150 all in ?
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    Group Buy DD Hammocks group buy 2020

    Sorry SB I forgot to say all received and being used, thanks again for this- I’m already starting my list for next year Cheers
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    Newbie from Ireland

    Hi John, your very welcome to the forum, the wealth of knowledge here 2nd only to the amount of trees in Wicklow! I tend to use either a converted IKEA strainer to act as a twig burner or a small gas number, Coillte aren’t keen on fires lol im in Kilkenny so not far away
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    Sold Spyderco Titanium UKPK

    Hi all, i'm thinning the heard again - I just buy too many knives! Up for your perusal is a now discontinued UKPK withTi scales and S30V blade. it’s a 3” blade non locking folder and worth a google if you don't know the model. This one dosnt have a box etc and is a user ( I don’t do drawer...
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    recommendations please, cordless screw driver

    I use Dewalt 18v myself ( they also do a 54v/ flex volt and 40v) like has been said - brushless motors and li-ion batteries- be careful if you buy some package deals eg 1 battery with 5 tools in a case as the main driver is good but they often put older tech/ non brushless tools in the bunch so...
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    Wanted Spyderco Para 3 lightweight

    Para3 has become my edc, I slightly prefer the ergo of the PM2 but I find it slightly to big for everyday trousers- I now use a fallkniven Kolt fixed blade for 3.5” stuff are you looking for any particular model/ steel or just the standard S30V to try it out?
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    Group Buy DD Hammocks group buy 2020

    Likewise, Thanks so much for running this again Steve, been looking forward as it’s always around my birthday! 1xDD Tree Huggers 1xDD Whoopie Slings 1xDD Under Blanket MC 1xDD Scout Hammock DD Hammocks Sticker Please Andy
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    Getting a Tilly lamp to light.

    Glad to help