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    Ecologically reasonable insulated Jacket

    Patagonia use recycled materials to make some fantastic jackets. My personal choice is normally wool and wax canvas.
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    I cant believe i forgot Barbour I love my Barbour Mountain Equipment My favourite UK clothing company Paramo I have never owned one, but they have a loyal fanbase. These companies are top notch.
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    Beneath The Stars Leathercraft.........For Leather. Altberg ......................... Make great boots. Bison Bushcraft .....................Everything they do is quality. Emberleaf Workshop.............Rays Knife, Purdey gun work Knife Makers...........Mark Hill, Rob...
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    Bad weather camp, tarp shelter

    Oh, I would recommend the tent on the Coast to Coast walk, just for privacy and bugs. Look forward to seeing film of said trip.
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    Bad weather camp, tarp shelter

    Thanks for posting this I enjoyed that. I love weather like that when I am out. Always good to test kit out too. The part where you say "What was your morning like, waking up next to your disappointed wife" Had me in stitches, I will subscribe to your channel for sure.
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    1 person shelter suggestions

    I would definitely recommend a two man shelter, even if it is just for you. I have a number of 1 man set-ups and none have enough space in a prolonged multi day downpour to keep you and your kit dry and comfortable. Definitely go for a 2 man set-up. Wild Country Helm 2 is my current tent of choice.
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    SAD NEWS for the community...Lucky Lee has unfortunately passed. RIP

    Terrible news. I only met Lee a few times, but every time i seen him he was always smiling. An amazing craftsman who's passing is a loss to this community. Deepest sympathies to his friends and family.
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    Leather bushcraft pack MKII

    Class, as always Hamish.
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    Ultimate vehicle for your ultimate adventure?

    I love Land Rovers. Had a few Discoveries, and a dog of a Defender. Done thousands of miles, in the Middle East and India, in both Land cruiser and Land Rover. The double cab looks better, but is less practical. In a van back/station wagon, you can store more kit, don't have to get out and get...
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    Condensed milk and cream

    I use evaporated milk, in my tea. Condensed is too sweet.
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    A car for winter driving?

    Toyota Landcruiser 80, with all terrain tyres. I am pretty much covered. For anything. Get a 4x4, with good tyres, and your set.
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    WinterMoot 2019

    Sounds awesome.
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    Instructor - client ratio, on courses. Your thoughts?

    I had a very interesting conversation, speaking to Jonny Crockett at the Wilderness Gathering. (Always a pleasure). He said "If you have 3 instructors, or 2 and 1 assistant. Then if an instructor is injured, 1 instructor/assistant can take them the A&E, and 1 is left with the clients. I think...
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    Instructor - client ratio, on courses. Your thoughts?

    Thanks for the replies so far. 1-6 ratio, seems to be the consensus. The reason I stated overnight was. What happens if an Instructor is injured? Nothing major, but enough to send him the A&E. What if a client is injured, and the instructor needs to take him to A&E. How would you feel being...
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    Instructor - client ratio, on courses. Your thoughts?

    Hi, I am very interested in hearing your opinions and thoughts, on Instructor to client ratio when attending an overnight course. There is currently no national standard. So for you to attend, or send a family member on a course, what ratio would make you comfortable. Have you attended a course...