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    Beer Barrel Conversion

    Looks promising. Thanks.
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    Beer Barrel Conversion

    Probably been asked before, but I couldn't find anything when I did a search. I have been given a beer barrel with a triangular fitting and I want to turn it into a wood burner. Does anyone know how to remove the filling valve off the top. Haven't been able to find anything on the internet...
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    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Bumpety Bump
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    Cornish RV 3rd to the 6the April

    OK. Leon, no probs mate. Was going to offer to drive.
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    Should I be worrying?

    Nope. Don't worry, just be careful. There is a history of heart problems in my family and I have to be careful as well.
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    1 Man Tent, Softshell Jacket, Gloves

    I'll have the Softshell please mate. Can you pm me your details and I will get payment sent by paypal. Thanks Phill.
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    Cornish RV 3rd to the 6the April

    Hi Leon. I'm just getting back in to Bushcraft after a long lay off due to an illness. Would be interested in going to the RV but where can I get tickets from and would you be interested in sharing a car as I'm just down the road in Torquay. Regards Phill.
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    Dutch Oven Restoration

    Hi all. I have been given a Dutch Oven that was left outside and has gone rusty. I want to clean it up and repair a leg that has come off. What is the best way to clean it and restore the inside and outside so I can cook in it again. Thanks in advance for any advice given. Regards Phill...
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    Exmouth Area.......

    Hi Bill. I need to get back outdoors, so if no one else minds, I'd like to tag along as well mate
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    fibreglass tent poles wanted for project

    Hi GB Think i've got a few poles kicking around as well. let me know if you need some and I will have a look asap. Regards Phill
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    BSA Meteor Mk7 For Sale.

    Poss traded. Watch this space.
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    BSA Meteor Mk7 For Sale.

    Hi Mike. You can have it for £180 cash on collection. I'd prefer that to be honest as you can get a feel for the rifle and the courier has no chance of losing or damaging it. Regards Phill
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    helios 01 night vision scope

    Hi Colin. Can't reply as your inbox is full. Phill
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    BSA Meteor Mk7 For Sale.

    Hi folks. Diversifying into Airsoft, giving up bunny bashing, so this is now for sale. BSA MK7 in .22cal Padded gun slip 3-9x40 scope Sound supressor Loads of pellets and some targets. All in good order, just moving on from airgun shooting. £200 all in, including courier delivery. Can...
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    Knife Kit

    Now Sold SPF