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    Happy new year

    A very happy new year to all on BCUK. Will try and by on the boards a bit more this year, been busy with college. :)
  2. Niels

    don't look if you're a bit squeamish- first deer!

    Good stuff Cam! Quite jealous of that meat supply. :)
  3. Niels

    Hunting style dog leash for my puppy

    That looks really cool. I have a finnish lapphund myself you'll love it. :)
  4. Niels

    Trekking pole

    I can't see the pictures :confused:
  5. Niels

    On my way to a - HOUSE!

    Really nice read. More please:)
  6. Niels

    please accept a new french guy !

    Welcome! I liked your video. It gives me the idea that there is a point to learning French. :)
  7. Niels

    The Eagleman Stag [Short Film]

    Same here not sure what I was supposed to get out of it.
  8. Niels

    Greetings from Friesland!

    Welcome from the other side of the country!
  9. Niels


    He didn't want to be photographed but here you go :)
  10. Niels

    A few of my photos

    Wish I was still there :) Thanks for sharing the pics
  11. Niels


    So I came home yesterday from 2 weeks of camping the first of which was as at the very awesome bushmoot :) And I came home to the dog wearing his new collar that I commissioned from Dreadhead which is just to lovely not to share. Thanks for your great work Hamish. He wears it with pride.
  12. Niels

    Bridgend-Merthyr Mawr

    Haha I did catch my airplane but I went straight into another camping outing for a week which I just got home from. Thanks for the great moot all! It was absolutely awesome. Will do a thread with pics when I can!!!
  13. Niels

    How did you choose your bushcraft name

    Mine's my first name I lacked creativity
  14. Niels

    What did you buy today? just arrived. Awesomeness unrivalled. :cool:
  15. Niels

    Bridgend-Merthyr Mawr

    That's a very practical idea indeed because that way we can stock up on what we need first!