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    New Bushcraft UK T-shirts

    There are lots of versions of the evolution graphic around at present - I saw one on some other bushcraft company web shop too. It might win but I think it's a style that has already peaked... As regards to shape, Would it be possible to have lady fit shirts rather than just sacks aka t shirts...
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    I can teach people to knit or naalbinding at the moot if any one fancies it..I'll bring some dowel and bone for the making of needles. Or you could make socks on a sock loom, that's so easy it's embarrassing.
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    Amazon Prime

    Students get six months free - they just have to have an email address, and after those happy six months they get the same service for half the annual fee until they cease to be a student - even if you're part time and won't finish until 2022 or beyond! I think that's a pretty awesome...
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    1 year full membership GIVE-A-WAY...CLOSED.

    What a lovely thing to do... Next time I have cash I'll do the same... I'm already a full member so no need to add me..
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    Pink haunts my life!

    Laughed aloud on bus reading this! 😊
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    Biochemistry introduction book?

    Hey folks, I bet there's someone on here who knows a really good introduction to biochemistry? Think somewhere around GCSE or A level not PhD. Any suggestions, book related! Welcome...
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    Herbal Medicine

    So, that might in be the first aid and medicine section of the forum? 😜
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    Herbal Medicine

    Me too! I got given a book of hers when I went veggie a very very long time ago. I've looked inside the cover, it came out in 1991! Though the edition I've got is from 1998... Gosh even that's nearly 20 years ago, my my how time flies...
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    Herbal Medicine

    Wow Mary - that's really expensive £325+++! Still, I can see its filling a gap in the German (and English speaking) market. Wow. Must go and lie down in a dark room with some lavender oil - or maybe sandalwood as it'll stop me being miserable about the price of lovely books...
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    Herbal Medicine

    So the joy is there's lots of interesting stuff published about herbal medicine - I have a pile beside my bed right now - the sad things is there is much that is rubbish! A couple of the books I'm reading are so bad I can't decide what's the safest way to get rid of them so that no-one else...
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    Wet knees with poncho - what's the secret?

    I've got a not posh DB one which is pretty long and a posh long silnylon one from Intergal which is down to my shoe tops and used to have 'a Gatewood cape' which was very long - almost too long I'm just a snifter over 5'8" and it almost dragged. I'm told the Polish lavvu poncho three holers are...
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    Wet knees with poncho - what's the secret?

    I'd recommend a longer poncho, or, even better what's called a 'rain kilt' which are longer than traditional kilts in that they're a fair bit below the knees - you can make or buy them. You'll have maybe seen chaps wearing utility kilts at things like the bushcraft show - it's the same idea. I...
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    Happy birthday Goatboy!

    Ooooh, I hope it's a good one filled with lots of cheer and bushcraftyness.. Happy new year and happy birthday all rolled into a nice sort of sausage in a bun glee... With sauce. 🏕🏕🏕
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    How many Daisies...

    I saw borage and feverfew and lavender in flower in London last Sunday, and a bee buzzing around them!
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    Frost River backpacks

    I have a frost river pack basket which is just great for travelling somewhere to put up a camp that stays in one place. I wouldn't use either it or my lovely canvas back pack for anything long distance - for that I have a HMG Cuben fibre pack, and for international travel it's a good old...