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    Viking Shoulder Bags (re-priced)

    Thanks chief I may have to have a look your way when my dads next bday comes round. He does a lot of clay pigeon shooting and like his leather shell pouches. Kind regards C
  2. CRAY

    Free Horn - Leeds York Selby

    How is Oulton/Rothwell this summer? thats about 15 minutes from where I used to live before coming to Canada, I take it Oulton hall wouldnt take kindly to you digging up the fairway on the 18th looking for cattail roots eh? haha
  3. CRAY

    Viking Shoulder Bags (re-priced)

    do you ever make them with longer straps? Like with a shoulder strap sort of thing. And great work by the way.
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    inserting images

    gotcha, many thanks
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    inserting images

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    inserting images

    Is there a certain number of posts you have to make before you can insert images into your post? I don't seem to be able to do it at the moment and am wanting to get some bark I.D by the kind members of BCUK. thanks
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    Fear of the dark

    True words. I took a wilderness camping trip with some friends here. Canadian wilderness is beautiful. Especially when you'v grown up in England, the space and tranquility is just awesome. But it's very scary at night when your not used to the sounds of a new place, and then the constant...
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    Done it again! Tell us your injury stories!

    I'm ruined. Nothing like as exciting as the war wounds on here. Most of my injuries are sports based. NEVER and I mean NEVER take your tendon health for granted. Pushing my body for too hard as a gymnast and football player since I was a toddler has left some of my tendons a bit mad at me...
  9. CRAY

    Marathon Des Sables

    thats a hardcore race, pretty sure I read a story about a guy that did it, got lost in a sandstorm for a 5 days and survived on his own urine. Lost about a quarter of his body weight or something. Brutal
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    Using Bow Drill

    well done chief! its a great feeling, did my first one about 2 months ago and remember the rush. Didnt really know what I was doing, trying for about 2 hours, sweaty and frustrated, then you get a good spin going the smoke comes and your excitement builds. Then the spindle flew out of the...
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    First night at new permission

    Brilliant, fire watching is much better than the crap thats on TV now anyway! :)
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    Food waste

    I work for a really fancy firm full of high calibre suits that think they are all something special. They have a basically unlimited catering budget and just go crazy on entertaining clients and cocktail parties. And what they don't eat just gets thrown out in huge buckets. I once walked in and...
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    Mrs told me off for this

    Subway is a danger to clothes, especially if your as clumsy as me. I'v been on the wrong end of a stray meatball from the marinara sub when wearing a white shirt before, once before and interview, nightmare. Loved the revenge story though. The evil in me got a little excited when you...
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    Walking for weight loss

    your very welcome
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    Sleeping mat???

    wish I could help but I just use a hammock and sleeping bag generally