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    Easy Hammock Classic Review?

    Good evening everyone, I was wondering if any of you have used any of the easy hammock products? I have only been able to find one review (on here actually) and no video reviews on YouTube. I really like the look of them! The insulated one looks good but I already have a couple of underquilts...
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    Planning France Canoe Trip Help

    Good Morning Everyone, I’m trying to plan a canoe trip with my girlfriend, I’m used to doing week long trips of “roughing” it (i.e middle of Sweden, in a hammock, no designated camp spots, no showers etc) but I’m trying to ease her up to that, so to start with I want to take her on a 3-4 day...
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    Hammock Upgrade

    Well i can kind of get a diagonal lay, but im 6ft2 so its a bit tight. Also, from all the videos everybody suggests you can get a perfectly flat lay on true "diagonal lay" hammocks like the is that really true? So flat you can lie on your front etc? The big attraction for me is...
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    Hammock Upgrade

    Morning everyone! I currently have a DD frontline as my go to hammock set up and have had for years, I'm trying to decide if its worth upgrading! I'd love a warbonnet blackbird because I like the look of the shelf and the weight and diagonal lay etc but i can't justify paying that much money...
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    thermorest Neo air

    another +1 for the xlite, don't make the same mistake I did though and just pay the extra few quid for the full length one, it's definitely worth it, I'd much rather have the full length but I'm stuck with the 3/4
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    Bivvy recommendation

    Just a note from my experience - the Snugpak SF Bivy is indeed TINY and good value for money. However it's a total sweat box. It is not very breathable at all; myself and a couple of friends all got rid of ours due to moisture build up on the inside and subsequently wetting our sleeping bags...
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    Hammock under blanket/quilt, are they any good?

    ahhh that's where I'm going wrong! the single malt can act as a fire "aid" in an emergency situation...we do get told to always take multi use items? doesn't that make it a necessity!?
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    Hammock under blanket/quilt, are they any good?

    you wanna switch to spirits then! ;)
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    Hammock under blanket/quilt, are they any good?

    Wow you must have some very light bulky stuff to fill 100 ltr! haha. Oh in that case my 13.4kg with food, water and clothes is pretty damn good then! You really do miss the "finer things" when you're going that stupidly lightweight though. I mean I was dehydrating my food and everything prior to...
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    Hammock under blanket/quilt, are they any good?

    As other have said, using an UQ and hammock system can be very bulky, I use a DD Frontline and Snugpak UQ. I find it's not really the weight that's an issue (as all of my other kit is ultralight) but the bulk, once you've got sleeping bag (even a good UL one) Hammock, Tarp and UQ and cook...
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    Planning Stora Le Sweden Trip

    Thanks for the advice regarding fishing everyone! Probably not going to bother now! And thanks a lot for the links to maps C.Claycomb! Didnt realise wasnt allowed to print it. Surely its only "piracy" if i intend to sell/pass it on? If i have ready access to it on my phone, why is printing it to...
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    Planning Stora Le Sweden Trip

    Good Afternoon People! at the beginning of September I am going to Stora Le in Sweden for a week long canoe trip. I'm trying to make a map of the the UK I usually just use Bing Maps...switch it to OS mode and print screen it into a word document and print it...easy. I can't seem to...
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    Can we talk about Pathfinders school/ David Canterbury.

    "another shade of Bear Grylls" the risk of stirring the pot. Anyone who can break their back and still summit Everest gets my respect, he obviously knows his stuff, he's just trying to appeal more to a different audience and make shows that are more entertaining rather than purely factual...
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    Wild Camping With the Pooch?

    Afternoon Guys, not really sure where this should go, so if I've posted in the wrong place, let me know! When the warmer weather arrives, maybe April onwards, I'm thinking of starting to take my springer pup camping with me. Does anyone have any tips? Obviously I want to keep weight to a...
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    Winter Tarp Suggestions?

    There's no prices on website and nothing available on ebay shop, do you know how much?