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    New knife for the Moot....

    Have a look at the Varusteleka Skrama. The handle is the main thing for me. It's the right shape to grip and is oversized so you can hold it close to the blade for finer chops and at the opposite end when you want to swing a bit.
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    For Sale Vango Mk3 std tent with Bilmo modified flysheet

    Dude, Is this a modified version of a vango force 10? Cheers, Bob
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    "New" sewing machine

    You might already know about this place but if you need stuff for your 201 you can get most parts from Helen Howes. Her business is in Norfolk she has a website and does mail order.Helen is extremely knowledgable and very helpful. Well worth a look in her site.
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    Sewing thread weights

    My 201's work with the heaviest weight Gutterman thread. Not sure what the proper weight category of it is though.
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    Knife Scale Failure - Advice Wanted

    I've tried filling gaps on lifted scales in the past and the results have never been very good. Suggest you might be better off rescaling. The original handle material will probably be lost in the process but that's not a disaster. Good luck with it and I'd be interested to see the results.
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    I don't need any specific pics. Do you know what model it is? I can find the Westwinds one but...

    I don't need any specific pics. Do you know what model it is? I can find the Westwinds one but not much else
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    Hi, could I get some pics of the jacket please. Email is Thanks, Bob

    Hi, could I get some pics of the jacket please. Email is Thanks, Bob
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    Modern British army clothing

    I've never been near the army, but I use a lot of current issue stuff for deer stalking. Most of it seems really good and dirt cheap compared with the hunting clothing brands like Harkila and the like. I use the fleece tops, which are cut really long at the back. Also use the Softie jacket...
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    Buying Leather..

    I just got a load of off cuts of upholstery leather from a sofa manufacturer. The bits are all different colours and the bits are quite big. Easily big enough to make pouches and covers. If there's a sofa maker near you it might be worth dropping by.
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    Help with vintage Robert Saunders Tent

    I have a Robert Saunders tent which is very similar to that. It is the same format, but the materials are slightly different. On mine the fly sheet is made from a heavier nylon fabric. The inner is a mix of cotton and fly mesh panels. The cotton is orange. The one I have was bought by my...
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    Westwinds Ventile shirt, Scarpa Manta size 12, arctic socks & other bits

    Could you let me know the NATO size of the smock please.
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    Twodogs coat of Remembrance.

    That is superb. I love the Staffordshire knots. Vert well done.
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    Walking foot sewing machine

    Thanks for these replies. I have four Singer 201s, three of which are direct drive, "potted motor", models. None of them is heavy duty enough for the thickness of leather and other stuff I'm hoping to sew. I'll keep doing the research. Cheers, Bob
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    Walking foot sewing machine

    Afternoon All, I've been doing a few leather work projects and am enjoying it. My hand stitching is coming on, but I'd like to speed things up with a machine. I'm looking for one that will do veg tan leather, tanned leather, canvas, webbing etc. I'd like one that's good for up to two layers...
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    Leenders Faltovn - anyone got one or able to comment on it?

    Janinet, I've had one for about two years now. My wife bought it me for my birthday. I've only ever used it for cooking. It is effective at this. The intensity of the fire is controlled by raising and lowering the glass window. There is also a baffle plate inside which slides back and...