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    TGO Challenge

    I'm doing it again this year.
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    Microbites are much, much tougher than plastic sporks because they're a better design. Each utensil has ridges running down the sides of the handle which makes them nice and rigid. I've snapped two sporks, you can feel them flex easily in your hands.
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    I had a set of microbites I used for years until I lost the spoon. I replaced the set immediately and they come with me on every trip. They're that good. While hand made stuff is lovely it makes the difference between 8Kg on my back and 25Kg+ on my back. I like to actually cook even while...
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    As a general rule tidal waters are classed as sea, above that you'll need a license. This does change in some areas where they're particularly keen so ask locally. Don't assume that only the big red 'eating' crabs are edible, plenty of others are good to eat if you like crab. Velvet swimming...
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    TGO Challenge 2012 - My Crossing of Scotland

    Yep, I took a digital SLR so on days the weather played ball I was able to take plenty. I didn't get it out at all on day 3, even in a sea to summit dry bag water was starting to creep in. I also found that towards the East coast the ankle injury I picked up in Mallaig was so painful I just...
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    TGO Challenge 2012 - My Crossing of Scotland

    Yes I went through Glentruim too but you'd have been long gone by the time I hobbled in, I think I was the last challenger to arrive that night. I'm glad it's not just me that found the stretch from Feshie to White Bridge tough, it was basically sloppy mud with rocks buried in it. I camped next...
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    TGO Challenge 2012 - My Crossing of Scotland

    From Fort Augustus on I was on the same route but a day behind because I started from Mallaig. The following night I was at Ruigh-aiteachain and it was a proper tent city, there must have been at least 15 pitched in addition to the full bothy. I didn't do much socialising though, I'd slipped and...
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    TGO Challenge 2012 - My Crossing of Scotland

    I finished my crossing on Thursday lunchtime. It was a solo crossing but I walked with various people from time to time, it's one of the things that makes the TGO challenge so rewarding, and I wasn't expecting that. If their crossing was anything like mine they'll have plenty of stories...
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    TGO Challenge 2012 - My Crossing of Scotland

    Not long now. eh? My route is extremely similar to yours between Fort Augustus and Tarfside but because I'm starting at Mallaig I'll be a day behind you most of the way. Nice pack weight, I thought I'd done well getting mine down to 12kg or so! It's a huge drop from the kit I was using a year...
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    Zebra pot distilation device

    Now that's a great idea! Ta.
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    16mm-18mm rebar

    I don't think rebar would make a very good blade to be honest, best case scenario it's mild steel but sometimes it's just made from whatever cheap scrap they had available. Either way it doesn't have a high enough carbon content to make a good knife.
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    Zebra pot distilation device

    It's similar to a process used in many countries to produce a kind of hooch. The technique I use (or would if it was legal in the UK *coffcoff*) is to suspend a bowl inside a large soup pan filled with any dodgy home brew. Just use a wok on top filled with cold water and ice to keep it cool...
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    Great surplus

    Oh dear me they do some lovely stuff! I can hear my credit card whimpering.
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    Titanium honey stove now available.

    It was the weight that sold me on it I must admit. I used to do a fair bit of shaping titanium for jet engine heat shields and a while back priced up bits of titanium to knock up my own burner. To be honest once I'd paid for shipping it would have cost as much as this, plus I don't have to build...
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    MOD beef in gravy retort pouches, and drink sachets.

    Just a quick heads up. Approved foods are selling a couple of things that people might be interested in. They have MOD 2Kg pouches of minced beef in gravy, looks like they come from a 10 man rat pack or similar. £3.99 a pack and good til November but limited to max 5 per customer. Not great for...