Sold Wotancraft Rebel, lightweight daypack (olive)

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Aug 30, 2011
South West UK
Wotancraft Rebel, lightweight pack in their olive green canvas (which is actually 500d coated cordura).

Product page here:

To add my own input, as always:

The material isn't 'canvas' as such, it's a 500d Cordura that has been made to look like canvas, then given a teflon / DWR coating and finally waxed, for a traditional look, to give a lightweight tough material that doesn't absorb water but still looks somewhat traditional

- The capacity of the bag is listed as 15L but that doesn't include the pockets. I'd estimate that, whilst the bag lays relatively flat and sits like a 15 pack, it probably has a capacity 20-22L with the side pockets. One of the really nicely designed features of this bag are the side pockets, that sit completely flat but billow outwards. The entry way is along the rear of the bag, against your back when worn, and hidden in the folds s quite difficult to spot, so they're relatively discrete and a seem a good place to house large water bottles, longer items (e.g. a long fixed blade / tool) that you want concealed but accessible.

- I'm a relatively large guy (6'2) and the shoulder straps have plenty of range of movement / feel, due to the design of the attachment points and long leather runners.

- Pack is lined with a surgical velcro, for attachment of inserts. Wotancraft mainly make high end camera bags, so offer a range of inserts for such items but obviously this will also take the range of tactical inserts / admin organisers or laptop cases.

There's a good video review here:




The item also comes with a Wotancraft branded folding titanium spork and leather hanger for it.

The bag was received yesterday, is brand new and complete with a cotton storage bag. I've taken it out of the bag to try an equipment case for size but otherwise it's unused.

I was / am going to return this to Wotancraft but as I'm going to have to pay a decent shipping price to send it back, I thought I'd offer it here first, less the return shipping price to see if anyone want a bargain as it makes no odds to me either way.

Cost to me was $249 USD (~ £182 GBP) plus import charges to UK. Will knock off the cost of returning this and offer posted to UK for £150 GBP.

Needless to say, no trades etc. If you're interested let me know asap as I'm going to start arranging a return otherwise.

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